Swarm – Don’t be scared

ByBottlecap Aug 14, 2020

5 men decided that 15 minutes extra sucks is a good way to head into the weekend. MOLESKINE: We are going to be holding an "Impromptu" gr

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Nowhere to Hide

ByHollywood Aug 7, 2020

2 men wanted that extra 15 minutes of hard work today and joined YHC for a stroll around campus. DICCS Warm Up Mosey past HS around to bottom

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Bloody Snooze Alarm….

ByZinfandel Jul 24, 2020

And for my 47th Q I’ve got some new tricks/ideas up my sleeve. Hooch did his infamous marketing but won’t show up to the workout routine. I a

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Showing our Age

ByWolverine Jul 17, 2020

The Thang DiCCS given, let's roll ... Apparently I missed a good time last night (F2 at Lawson poolhouse)!  I think Easy Button was first

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Never, Ever Leave Your Wingman

ByCarb Load Jul 10, 2020

I showed up to Q without a Weinke on my wrist to guide me and I screwed up the Warm-up (Appreciate the call-out by Deadwood). I did have a Weinke

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You can pick your friends, can pick your nose, but only the Q can pick the groups

ByFoundation Jul 6, 2020

8 Pax showed up for Swarm and got to watch as YHC had fun with the pairings for some Burpee Indian Runs.  Original plan was to do some work at p

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Outside their Southern Comfort Zone

ByMadDog Jun 20, 2020

8 Pax met up for a bit of boot camp with some distance today.  I am confident the majority of them weren’t prepared for distance, but all did

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Swarm Backblast

ByEasy Button Jun 19, 2020

Handed the DICCS out and off we went. Mosey around the front of the High School and around to the football stadium for warm up. Warm up

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