Everyone scared

ByDasher Jan 22, 2021

Tool Time, Ice 9 and Sugar Daddy plus a very brief cameo appearance by Dasher I was wondering how many might show this morning for my Swarm VQ

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Mobile Backblast

ByWolverine Jan 15, 2021

Only three of us this morning, which was nice, we stayed together and grinded out a good workout. Long opening mosey, stretch and headed to CF f

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You know you might be a redneck….

ByRecalculating Jan 8, 2021

You know you might be a redneck - when you start complaining about the weather forecast a week before the "cold" weather (37 degrees) is forecast

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F3 Waxhaw New Year’s Day

ByChastain Jan 3, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! The new year is often a time for a reset. Time to evaluate what happened the previous year and make changes, hopefully f

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Impromptu or Not!!!

ByFiji Dec 18, 2020

Well gents, This impromptu morning began as the polar opposite.  Fiji began his morning texts at 4am and arrived for his Q (20 minutes early)

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What’s the name of this workout?

ByAlf Dec 11, 2020

Two weeks ago or so Dasher asked if I would Q a workout at Cutherbertson on a Friday.  Sure, a little farther away than Waverly, but a good chan


Where Do You Hide Your Elf On The Shelf?

ByGerber Dec 4, 2020

Just what the world needs.  Another Waxhaw Backblast.  You're welcome. If you showed up for Swarm today, surprise, it’s just a 1.5 mile wa

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Swarm BB

ByDeadwood Nov 22, 2020

So.... I wasn't necessarily forced to Q but when an OG asks and you haven't posted in a few weeks just go with it. Here we go. The Warmup:

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