We were not crucified

BySurge Apr 2, 2021

13 PAX (plus another 5 at Swarm) at Impromptu this morning…no site Q’s to be found…Recalc looked all morning. Warmup Easy mosey behind

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If it doesn’t go into Marvin is it still Marvin Miles?

ByDasBoot Apr 2, 2021

Three PAX ran a Marvin Miles loop that didn't actually go to Marvin.  Worse than that naming convention conundrum, one PAX arrived 1-2 minutes l

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The faster you run the sooner you’ll be warm

ByChastain Apr 2, 2021

6 PAX at Last Call this morning. One of which I wasn't sure was going to get out of the car. 34 degrees and wiiiiiindy. Only thing to do is run u

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Speed Bumps

ByCheese Curd Apr 2, 2021

It was a bit on the chilly side as I rolled into the AO this AM.  Not sure when Wild Turkey sleeps, but he looked like he was catching up on his

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Paper plates were flying at Clyent Dinner

ByDrive By Apr 1, 2021

Warm Up Lap around the parking lot 20 Side Straddle Hopes Calf Stretches Potato Pickers Lap around the parking lot then a mosey

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Group Photos and Gardening Advice

ByZinfandel Apr 1, 2021

I'm ghost writing this BB due to the fact Damascus is a lazy son of a B and we need those ticks in the app! It had been a long 3 weeks on the roa



ByDeadwood Apr 1, 2021

I took the Ignition Q last minute and was pretty excited to lead it again.  See below. The Thang: Head straight to Lawson clubhouse, pick

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I got 5 on it

ByDasBoot Mar 31, 2021

Posted in behalf of Smuggler   Rolled up to COT in the clown car from the Throne and 5’s on my mind; being my 5 Q and all.  

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More PAX gotta have some Cowbell!

ByBottlecap Mar 31, 2021

16 guys picked up their prescription for their fever at Cowbell.  It was a warm morning so C3PO had to scrape off the ice arrive late.  Jingles

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Muscle by Masonry

BySugar Daddy Mar 31, 2021

Its Chiseled------time to break out the Cooooooupons. One nice thing about F3 Waxhaw is the variety of workouts. Yesterday , I was at Waxhaw E

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