Sipping Coffee

ByDasher Jan 4, 2021

As we look to start of the new year on the right foot someone forgot to “reset the alarm” to normal hours.  So, I jumped in to take on the l

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Starting to Sharpen

ByCatfish Jan 4, 2021

....Mosey around the parking 1 time WARM UP: Location #1 (Concrete Circle) SSH x 15 Merkin x 15 Mtn Climber x 15 LSS x 15 Calf

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F3 Waxhaw New Year’s Day

ByChastain Jan 3, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! The new year is often a time for a reset. Time to evaluate what happened the previous year and make changes, hopefully f

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Unnamed Pax in Raleigh: “Meat Smoker is a bit of an inappropriate name…” Waxhaw Pax: “Welcome Meat Smoker!”

ByZinfandel Jan 2, 2021

Posse suckered me into filling in as Site Q at Homecoming while he jumped on this new Clean Slate site. Little did I know it would be a hard star

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Commitment Tag Team to Start 2021

ByJ-Woww Jan 2, 2021

It was another gloomy January day in Waxhaw.  The temperature the night before said it was expected to be 53, but at wakeup was 43.  Mad Dog an

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Closing out 2020 with One Word

ByBottlecap Dec 31, 2020

18 men showed up at The Floater to say good bye riddance to 2020 with a 45 60 minute tour of Downtown Waxhaw's 3 picturesque notorious hills.  T

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Low Temps and Lots of Legs

ByRicky Bobby Dec 30, 2020

11 Pax braved the chilly temp on this holiday week to try to work off some of the weeks festivities. The changed holiday hours has some of the pa

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Bear Crawls are Dumb

ByHollywood Dec 29, 2020

13 men came to have a good time.   been a couple of years since the Flash guys invited me to Q.....just sayin. Nobody cares. Thang: Run to

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12 Days (and Reps) of Christmas

ByDeep Dish Dec 23, 2020

Warmup Mosey around parking lot.  IW (oops I mean SSH) in cadence x 24, IW in cadence x 24, Merkins in cadence x 12 & Mountain Climbers i

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Another Record Setting Evening & Keeping it Stupid Simple @ The Appetizer

ByC3P0 Dec 23, 2020

DISCC Mosey around parking lot, some carioca, butt kickers and high knees. Circle up and 12 reps of: IW, LSS, Merkin, MC. Stretch with: ca

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