Like a Virgin

BySmithers Oct 25, 2019

First I want to thank everyone who came out for my VQ - everyone pushed hard and we were able to have a few laughs while we were at it! Since a

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No LowT/Low Post Here

ByRecalculating Oct 25, 2019

Choices,,, we now have a lot of those with regard to workouts here in the Waxhaw cluster. I guess it's like ice cream flavors as some workouts

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Keep ‘Em High

ByFuse Box Oct 25, 2019

17 guys joined me at the 3 headed dog for a high heart rate workout. When Swimmers extended the invitation I knew I needed to bring a good wo

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Does Running in the Cold Help a Sinus Infection?

ByCarb Load Oct 24, 2019

Answer: NO! DiCCS: Delivered Warm Up Mosey from COT to Parking lot behind Queens South and Plank for "6" 10 X Merkins I

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ByDana Oct 24, 2019

While reviewing who was on Q this past Tuesday for the following day I realized we did not schedule a Q for the week. I thought what the heck le

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What’s an “AMRAPathon”?

ByGlidah Oct 23, 2019

"Coupons and questions" Being my first Q I dug deep into my early days of cross fit ( retired now for almost 3 years ) to make sure no PAX co

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No Rain

ByDasher Oct 22, 2019

As most of you know there are 2 things I don’t like about working out in the morning and those are being cold and wet.  I’ve made a com

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ByDeadwood Oct 21, 2019

It seems like most of the time I attend Ignition we run Champion Forest or stay on campus. Hollywood did take us through some trails once. I stu

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Spike VQ!

ByRockwell Oct 21, 2019

The PAX: Goodfella, Gerber, Deadwood, Legal Zoom, Boitano, Legalized, Ole MacDonald (R), Sprinkles, Dasher, Hollywood, Dana, Rubbermaid (R), Pos

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F3 Waxhaw – Board Meeting Minutes

ByGoodfella Oct 20, 2019

When: 10/19/19 (5:15am-6:15am) Location: McDonald's Waxhaw Six Pax of the F3 Waxhaw Board gathered on an early Saturday morning at the Mc

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