Let’s see if Posse taught us well…

ByPoint Break Feb 8, 2020

What a difference 24 hours makes. After making it through a windy but 60-degree warm workout yesterday, this morning's 27-degree Q school @ Cuthb

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New to the Q

ByMerlot Feb 8, 2020

Warmup Really bad imperial walkers by Posse Around the circle with each new Q calling out a new exercise (amazing how you go blank in the c

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Q School and the Quest for New Qs

ByChastain Feb 8, 2020

15 High Impact Men showed up for some learnin' with Posse at the helm. F3's mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the inv

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Another One Bites the Dust

ByDoughBoy Feb 7, 2020

Tomorrow, I turn 44 years old.  Age is purely a construct to formulate tormenting workouts that ensure we try and stay younger, feel healthier a

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I’m soaked (your M didn’t say that)

ByZinfandel Feb 7, 2020

It’s raining, it’s pouring and some men are trying to converge due to the rain that happened today? Calling for more rain tonight. But this w

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It’s Like Rain on Your Weddington Day

ByPosse Feb 7, 2020

It wasn’t official, but some good Pax decided to kick the tires on the next AO to open in Waxhaw. I truly didn’t expect anyone to show. At mo

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Downrange to Uptown Funk

ByGerber Feb 7, 2020

After last night’s storm here in Greensboro this morning was super wet and super windy.  Posted downrange in downtown Greensboro. 20 men

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Say Uncle!

ByChastain Feb 7, 2020

Road closures and a super windy morning didn't stop 5 PAX from posting and playing a game of "Say Uncle".   Warm up: 10 big arm cir

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Slippery when wet

ByDasher Feb 7, 2020

9 Men braved the rain and lighting this morning for gear workout that got the heart pumping. Warm-up Since it wasn't raining when we starte

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Waxhaw raids The Arsenal

ByBottlecap Feb 6, 2020

7 guys got tricked into showing up at The Arsenal.  Very slick gracious move by the Site Q (Happy Meal) to beg invite YHC to Q and then purpose

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