Ignition PAX Challenge

ByBottlecap Sep 15, 2020

10 guys showed up at Ignition to complain about IPC's Week 3 workout.  With rumors of this being the last warm morning of the year, YHC was plan

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50% legs

ByDasher Sep 14, 2020

Disclaimer Cell phone CPR Modify as needed Not liable for stupidly   Warm-up Mosey to front of HS for warm-up. SSH

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Who’s To Blame?

ByFuse Box Sep 14, 2020

We will save the blame game for another time.  Regardless, use today as a reminder: If you are asked to Q, put it on your calendar.  If you are

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PreBlast: Makeshift Marathon 2020

ByTuck Sep 14, 2020

Welcome to the long-awaited Makeshift Marathon 2020 PreBlast. Before we get into it, a little housekeeping... Disclaimer: This is not an offic

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No leg day at Swarm

ByGerber Sep 12, 2020

Qing Swarm two days after IPC and the night after Clyent Dinner and IPC relay, ugh, soreness is at it’s worst 48 hours in…. let’s go! 7

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Impromtu Back Blast

ByEasy Button Sep 11, 2020

*FUN FACT* Big Ben runs faster backwards than he does forward.  Who would have known. DICC’s given at 5:29 and time to mosey. Opening mo

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Slow down and Smell the Roses – 9/11

ByRecalculating Sep 11, 2020

Good morning gents - a few things running through my mind this morning; 1) I really have to do IPC tomorrow? that's going to suck!!  2)I have to

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Chicken On The Loose In Marvin

ByChicken Little Sep 9, 2020

DICCS GIVEN- Cell phone, CPR, Do not sue anyone, social distance where applicable, modify as needed Warm up Fast pace mosey from COT to lon

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

ByChastain Sep 9, 2020

16 gathered a Chiseled for a slightly warmer, definitely more humid morning that turned into heavy rain for a bit. I think the MASH unit was th

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