Minimalist Weinke at the Floater

ByFoundation May 21, 2020

For the 2nd installment of the Floater during NC Phase 1 we broke into two groups with Carb Load leading one and YHC at the helm for the other. 

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Rock n Run

ByFuse Box May 20, 2020

Eleven Twelve souls woke up early enough and looked outside to find no rain for the first time in 24 hours.  8 for Chiseled and 4 Mashers.  Dic

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Five Circles of Pain

BySprinkles May 20, 2020

My third time Q-ing and I avoided the rain again. It was supposed to be a washout (I should know... I’m Sprinkles), but the weather held off. I

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Too Wet to Wear a Shirt

ByGerber May 19, 2020

Not really but that's what the title was last night so.... Waxhaw Express is your weekly dose of a speed workout.  It's an hour and it's also

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No rain, no gain

ByRockwell May 19, 2020

8 of us braved the threat of rain today.  Slaughter quoted on an F3 podcast that “if you haven’t done a workout in the pouring rain, you are

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Blackhawk – The smell of burning asphalt

ByBottlecap May 18, 2020

15 gathered at Blackhawk (Walnut Creek Park) so we split up in to 2 groups.  Shop Dawg and Bottlcap had done a pre-visit that morning to ensure

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10-10-Old Fart WEBBinar

ByFoundation May 18, 2020

17 Pax for Flash this morning that began with the difficult task of counting off 1...2...1....2....1...2....3....1...2  This proceeded around th

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5-2-1 go!

ByGerber May 17, 2020

So the Bratwurst plan had us down for a long run today at an “easy” pace. The goal was pretty simple, start at Nesbit, run through Walnut Cre

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ByRecalculating May 16, 2020

Got the call from Posse for the the  Q at Homecoming and gladly accepted.  Getting back into Q shape - means formulating a Wienke that can chal

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You want me to show him my what?!

ByFuse Box May 16, 2020

Our new pandemic protocols require us to split up into groups 10 or less.  Which means the Q1 has the pleasure uneasyness of sharing his Winkie

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