Wetter Than Wet

ByGerber Mar 16, 2021

I can't type too well because of yesterday's mishap so I'll try to keep this brief: Today sucked weather wise 40 degrees, drizzle to steady

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Not Out of the Cold Yet

ByFiji Mar 16, 2021

Well, it was back to cold and rain this morning, but that didn’t stop a handful of diehards this morning at Bushwood.  As the rain came down

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Rain rain didn’t go away…

BySurge Mar 16, 2021

DICCS covered, all good except Posse doesn't like being asked for the time more than once Mosey to covered area by the school bus lot. Impe

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Well, That Was Interesting

ByHollywood Mar 15, 2021

8 brave men, excited to leave the confines of Cuthbertson, joined YHC on a short trip to what the old school Lawson guys refer to as the “other

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Last Four In

ByRecalculating Mar 15, 2021

Rolling into March with some good weather and March Madness in front of us -so would add that to the party mix. Nice variety of Pax- some reco

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Come Meet My Friend Mike Tyson…

ByZinfandel Mar 15, 2021

For my 67th Q, I’m in the great state of FL with the family for a tour of the Southeast of the US of freaking A. When we took a tour of the NE

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Rooster 2021

ByWolverine Mar 14, 2021

First, hats off to PAX from Fort Mill and others that organized this event.  And all the effort and fun that went into preparing and competing l

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Pre-blast: The Whole Enchilada – coming to an AO near you

ByTaco Stand Mar 13, 2021

Comfort Zone - how many times have we found ourselves trapped here? This was a question YHC found myself asking a few weeks ago.  Life for us

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Breath in thru your mouth and out your Anus?

ByBrutus Mar 12, 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!! Great day to be at Diesel. 14 PAX climbed out of the rack to joun in some Tabata fun. Anyone that has attended one of my

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Did ONE leave to his STAR?

BySchnitzel Mar 12, 2021

Well, again, this question has not been answered during the workout, but One Star has not been seen. It could be that it was already dawn (which

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