4 Brothers

ByRubbermaid Nov 14, 2019

On a cold morning 4 men showed up to run various distances. We ran a 1.5 mile loop changing direction on pinebroock Ln https://connect.gar

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Flu SubstiQ

ByFuse Box Nov 13, 2019

Apparently a certain pax missed the post that Target will pay you (yes, PAY YOU) $5 to come get a flu shot. I received a text from Carb Load ye

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Pre-Season Conditioning

ByRecalculating Nov 11, 2019

So I knew that I signed up for Q on or around Veterans Day but after doing the Vagabond on Saturday my system shut down and I didn't want to thi

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But we already did Mike Tyson’s

ByDeflated Nov 8, 2019

Picture this: Three clowns driving away from Watchtower after a pretty solid beatdown. Clown one: "Man, this knee injury isn't all bad, I to

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Coupon Webb

ByChastain Nov 8, 2019

Moleskin: A moleskin is a fabric that's used to prevent or treat injury. In the backblast its an opportunity to wax poetic about the events o

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Records are meant to be broken – Just not today

ByDasher Nov 7, 2019

DiCCS – Thank you BC for always coming with his cap stick.  He was interested in demoing it today.   Warm-up We did

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Q School Rocks

ByOne-Niner Nov 6, 2019

It was a great turnout for another round of Q School. 16 PAX posted for a glorious gloomy day of schooling. The workout was just an attempt to n

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Clipping Coupons

ByRudy Nov 6, 2019

Banjo was supposed to Q but reached out to his fellow site Q for help as his back is in bad shape. That's what Site Q's are for. Hopefully the

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Morning woods Soft launch!

ByRubbermaid Nov 6, 2019

The trail run started as training for a 50K for me and a few other F3 men. It has become a regular Wednesday morning run ranging from 1 to 8 me

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Stay Positive – Work Hard – Make it Happen!

ByDasher Nov 6, 2019

Happy Wednesday – Stay Positive – Work Hard – Make it Happen! I prepared the workout yesterday and had 4 different sections to the work

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