Sandbags,KB’s and a set of Balls!

ByTransporter Jul 22, 2017

The Day started off early as I picked Foundation up and headed to Sun Valley to set up the pain stations which were to unfold into the days work


“Not so” Happy Hour

ByBottlecap Jul 21, 2017

With all the rumblings (and Doc's grumblings) on GroupMe about who is and is not able to go to last night's Union County Happy Hour, YHC knew it

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Ring-Around-the-Rosey Mosey

ByMadison Jul 21, 2017

It was already hot and humid when YHC pulled into SVMS for Union County's weekly #gear workout a/k/a #F3Overdrive.  I noticed 3 cars, but only 1

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ByFire Hazard Jul 21, 2017

SPEEDFORNEED!!!! SOB/Area 51/ Union County men, the first SPEEDFORNEED event in South Charlotte kicks off on Saturday, September 30th.  SPEEDFO


MerkBurptastic Maderate Q at Conviction.

Byshakenbake Jul 19, 2017

6 Pax (Glass Joe, Shepard, Kieffer, Horse Head, Orbitz, and Shake 'N' Bake) came out to attend a (Sit

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Ultimate Merkin Frisbee (Shirts Win 6-3)

ByFoundation Jul 17, 2017

16 PAX came out for a return from vacation workout that included an opportunity to demonstrate athletic ability on field while playing Ultimate M

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***** Happy 4th Birthday to the Original UC AO – The Outland *****

ByDouble E Jul 17, 2017

15 PAX enjoyed the Sweet Celebration of the 4th Anniversary of what has come to be known as The Outland!  What better ingredients for a kickin'

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UC Supports Heathers Hero’s with Speed For Need in the Susan G. Komen Race

ByTransporter Jul 16, 2017

UC Supports Heathers Hero's with Speed For Need in the Susan G. Komen Race When: October 7Th 2017 Why:  Because whether we like it or not


Outland BB – Commissioning – The Count – Arkansas

ByMadison Jul 11, 2017

Commissioning – The Count - Arkansas 14 gathered to wish The Count well as he and family venture back to Arkansas to assist other family. 

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PTWGD – Post Traumatic Wet Grass Disorder

ByFoundation Jul 11, 2017

A 10 Pax came out to Watchtower this morning.  As part of a pre-workout reconnaissance to ensure we have access to stadium, we find that the gat

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