3rd AMRAPs the Charm

ByHollywood Jan 26, 2018

16 PAX were not afraid and showed up for Impromptu's once a month AMRAP special, which has been hailed as the best AMRAP course ever assembled 

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ByTuck Jan 25, 2018

7 men posted at the Millbridge subdivision in Waxhaw for the 3rd installment of a weekly 1-hr run. This week's route was a 1.1 mile loop from

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ByMoneyBall Jan 25, 2018

The Setup: A charter member of the #ballpit (in fact, the proprietor of the #BALLS meme that started it all) had a long awaited BIG day today. Af

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Moderate Boots on Today

ByGypsy Jan 25, 2018

I took a little saunter down into Union County to see what the boys at Conviction were up to and ended up Qing a “Moderate” beatdown, whateve

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The murk, murth and muck of merkins

ByDasBoot Jan 25, 2018

A challenge was issued: "It is easier for a dromedary camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a PAX to meet the Merkin Challenge in a


Anniversary Who?

ByGlass Joe Jan 24, 2018

It's Bullwinkle's Anniversary Q. It's been a year since he began to arrive at F3 workouts late, talk trash, skip reps and become literally half

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Can’t Hear From Back Here

ByPaper Jam Jan 23, 2018

With the announcement of Bratwurst's return, 7 PAX put on their shorts, shoes and headlamps to venture out for the Landen- Ardrey 5mi Loop at Bla

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5 Fastest Marathoners in UC

ByPosse Jan 22, 2018

The Fort Mill Pax created a 5K Relay CSAUP a couple years ago that was a rousing success.  In the inaugural year, BTW, it was won by SOB/UC men.

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Birthed in the Bombogenesis

ByTuck Jan 16, 2018

From Waverly exploratory workout #1 on 1/5/18 Recently it became clear that PAX from both Ballantyne and Western UC were interested in startin

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1,000 Reasons

ByMoneyBall Jan 15, 2018

From shorts and short sleeves on Friday to frozen tundra on Monday, this winter has been a wild ride. 14 men braved the cold and set off on an "a