Glory Days!

ByPoptart Aug 8, 2017

Madison has been asking for awhile for me to make it back to my old stomping grounds and the timing finally worked out.  Apparently Madison is n

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Field lights are on….Looks like we are getting wet

ByHollywood Aug 4, 2017

To be honest, YHC expected about 12 Pax to enjoy Friday's finest workout this side of Cuthbertson Rd., better known as Impromptu. When Goodfe

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AMRAP – 4th month w/ 400% humidity

ByBottlecap Jul 28, 2017

Not sure if it's Impromptu, the intrigue of an AMRAP challenge, the opportunity to wear Red on a Friday, or the strong EHing going on by the loca

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Jack Webb and Amy Grant’s love child

ByBottlecap Jul 25, 2017

YHC gave a pre-blast that should have got about 3 PAX to post on this thick and humid morning. Surprise, surprise . . . 12 PAX were in the parkin

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When does the workout start?

ByGlass Joe Jul 25, 2017

Thrive has a great AO with lots of options in a very compact space. But every time I show up, I see that hill and it just draws me in. I can't re


The Grind

ByGlass Joe Jul 24, 2017

Going to keep it simple.  Just a good, long obnoxious grind. Pre-Thang Double E, Hoffa, Shoeless Joe on scooters, Stacks on bike and YHC f

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Sandbags,KB’s and a set of Balls!

ByTransporter Jul 22, 2017

The Day started off early as I picked Foundation up and headed to Sun Valley to set up the pain stations which were to unfold into the days work


“Not so” Happy Hour

ByBottlecap Jul 21, 2017

With all the rumblings (and Doc's grumblings) on GroupMe about who is and is not able to go to last night's Union County Happy Hour, YHC knew it

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Ring-Around-the-Rosey Mosey

ByMadison Jul 21, 2017

It was already hot and humid when YHC pulled into SVMS for Union County's weekly #gear workout a/k/a #F3Overdrive.  I noticed 3 cars, but only 1

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ByFire Hazard Jul 21, 2017

SPEEDFORNEED!!!! SOB/Area 51/ Union County men, the first SPEEDFORNEED event in South Charlotte kicks off on Saturday, September 30th.  SPEEDFO