Flash Backblast

ByEasy Button Mar 10, 2020

Chicken Little pulled a fast one on me and asked me a month ago to Q today knowing damn well it was the first workout after day-light savings. 

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Thrive Challenge Pre-Blast 2020

ByHair Band Mar 9, 2020

Tomorrow, Tuesday 3/10, is the return of the Thrive Challenge! The Thrive Challenge is always a different F3 workout, no cadence, no COP, no M

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Keep Em Moving

ByWarEagle Mar 8, 2020

13 gentlemen ditched the fartsack and weathered the fog and wind to post at The Brave Friday morning.  Before announcements and taking off Frehl

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The Beast (6,6,6,6,6,6)

ByMadDog Mar 7, 2020

10 Pax came out to Homecoming for a good Saturday morning beatdown.  DICCS was given and off we went for a nice long mosey. COP: The usual

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Kensington 600

ByTwinkle Toes Mar 7, 2020

commitment started right on time with 17 PAX - Brutus, Chastain, Chainsaw, Frack, Popeye, Weatherman, JWow, Fuse Box, Shop Dawg, Deep Dish, Red R

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March Iron Madness

ByHair Band Mar 6, 2020

The question... How best to combine kettlebells and a March Madness Challenge The answer goes something like this: Disclaimer given and off

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Queen, Queens, and Queen’s South

ByRecalculating Mar 6, 2020

8 attended 2nd F - Monthly Social at Queen's South last evening.  I missed the DCCS - so not sure if that ever took place. 80's Bingo was played

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You can do anything for 2 minutes, right?

ByRockwell Mar 6, 2020

21 strong men between Impromptu and Swarm posted this morning.  The disclaimer was given, and we were off… Here’s what went down: Warm

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Sandbag Toss and Chase

ByBrexit Mar 5, 2020

11 PAX in all showed up at The Arsenal this morning. 6 for the prerun, where we did the Swift prescribed 4x 800m's at a 5k pace. The high school

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Welcome to the Show – Its all about dem Legs!

ByShowgirl Mar 4, 2020

The Warm Up DICCS given, a little chit chat. a little failed Q-Jacking (No names will be called out), Time.....Let's Mosey.  We head around t

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