Moist, Overzealous Weinke

ByJ.R. Hopson Feb 2, 2018

13 brave PAX showed up to endure what was destined to be a very rusty Q-led workout. But when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. &nbs

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Doodie, Doodie, DON’T TOUCH IT!!!

ByMoneyBall Feb 2, 2018

34 men touched cotton at The Floater. Thursday, February 1st 5:25 am- Stomachs are churning, people are flop sweating, we all have chills. YHC

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Man versus Beast(s)

ByMadison Feb 1, 2018

Four faithful showed under an extra bright moon this morning ready to take on whatever Sparta threw at them.  They immediately regretted their d

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Howl at the Moon

ByHorsehead Jan 31, 2018

Teen Wolf (1985 movie, not the millennial trash tv show)  - Coach Finstock: There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hou


All Around the Watchtower

ByHollywood Jan 30, 2018

13 PAX took a leap of faith and made it out to Watchtower, not knowing who would actually be the Q.  I had made a deal with Posse yesterday to Q

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A Dead Animal and Yellow Shirts

ByPaper Jam Jan 29, 2018

A full house of 9 PAX met on a misty Monday morning for 5+ miles. Almost everyone showed up wearing neon yellow short sleeve shirts. I clearly mi

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Flash – “Dance” It’s Raining Men

ByRecalculating Jan 29, 2018

21 fine men left the comfort of a warm bed to join in some exercise and entertainment.  Cantore had been brewing most of sunday and into the mor

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No beer=small crowd :(

ByDoc McStuffins Jan 27, 2018

9 of SOBs finest resisted the temptation to go drink beer with Mr Bean before breakfast. Happy Birthday Mr Bean!. I had expectations of a small c

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CPR Training pre-blast

ByMadison Jan 26, 2018

I'm sure everyone is aware of the recent loss of our brother from the MECA Region. Each time a story like Gremlin's happens, it's one time too ma

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3rd AMRAPs the Charm

ByHollywood Jan 26, 2018

16 PAX were not afraid and showed up for Impromptu's once a month AMRAP special, which has been hailed as the best AMRAP course ever assembled 

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