Just another Monday morning at Flash

ByHooch Dec 30, 2019

16 PAX met Monday morning at Flash after running through the possible options.  A dude's sack on your back with Damascus's possible burpee marat

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Robot Virgin Asks Was it Good for You

ByC3P0 Dec 28, 2019

Before my VQ I thought of how this BB would go.  I was prepared to begin with a quote from Steinbeck or Robert Burns about the best laid schemes


Amazing Race 1st Edition

ByRecalculating Dec 27, 2019

Impromptu will forever be recognized as the best AMRAP Course workout on all of northeast Cuthbertson road; but could the Site Q's deliver someth

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The True Meaning of Christmas

ByDoughBoy Dec 24, 2019

Thank you to 28 PAX willing to let me lead again this Christmas Eve.  I know is it easy to get lost in the shuffle, running to Target and all th

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ByRecalculating Dec 20, 2019

23 total for a waffley good time in the 26 degree gloom. I've had to bag on the past Q's I've been scheduled for due to travel -so a big shout o

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If You Cant Join Them

ByDamascus Dec 17, 2019

Doughboy must be given props for the most creative way to get someone to cotters - ask the to Q last minute because the scheduled Q is down with

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Too Many Carbs

ByCarb Load Dec 16, 2019

This was my third Q in less than a week and I have to say I have great respect for Zinfindel who led not 3 but 6 workouts in the same amount of

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On the 12th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me…

ByCarb Load Dec 13, 2019

DiCCS Delivered Warmorama 9 IW IC, 9 Merkins IC, Calf Stretch L/R, Downward/Upward Dog The Thang Inspired by the 12 days of Chris

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Train Wreck my Weinke

ByCarb Load Dec 12, 2019

F3 Waxhaw has a special AO in the down town area that I love. The Floater. We have certain rules at The Floater and one of them is Burpee Trian.

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Be The Light!

ByGoodfella Dec 11, 2019

16 men decided a little rain wasn't going to discourage them from showing up for a great workout at Union County's Waxhaw's longest-running and

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