Hump Day!!!!!!

ByDasher Jun 4, 2020

Warm-up lap with Sprinkles and Good Fella to get the blood flowing and legs loosened up. DiCCS Warm-up Start with a mosey around the H

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Shake ‘n Bake speaks from the heart

ByBottlecap Jun 1, 2020

With all that has been going on in our country over the past week, it has become more evident than ever that the "Waxhaw bubble" that we are bles

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100 Pax Challenge: Compounding Interest

ByFoundation Jun 1, 2020

For a shortcut or for those driving, here is a shortcut to podcast where we talk more about the 100 Pax challenge: 100 Pax Challenge Podcast Fo

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Just a soupy campus tour…

ByRockwell May 29, 2020

20 strong for Impromptu today along with a few for Swarm!  If your goal was to lose some water weight, then today was the day!  Man, the air wa

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Finding Tuck

ByWolverine May 29, 2020

The Thang DiCCS given, let's mosey ... Warmed up with an opening mile on route to the famous "Frank and Beans" route only found in Millbrid

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Memorial Day Popeye Special!

ByRockwell May 27, 2020

27 Pax paid their respects on Memorial Day. Warmup mosey to the standard Popeye warmup.  10x Merkins, mountain climbers, imperial swawkers, e

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By Design: Small Workout Groups for Men!

ByGoodfella May 27, 2020

After a very successful Memorial Day convergence yesterday, Easy Button put the S.O.S. out to the Pax for a last-minute Substi-Q for Watchtower.

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Modified Murph

ByDamascus May 25, 2020

Memorial Day is always special.  It's humbling to pay homage to those that have died defending the freedoms we enjoy in the amazing country of o

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I’m Counting It

ByWolverine May 22, 2020

The Thang Diccs, let’s mosey ... Weinke: Run.  Week 2 Speed Workout, 40 min at half marathon pace. Moleskin Since Nesbit was flood

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No rain, no gain

ByRockwell May 19, 2020

8 of us braved the threat of rain today.  Slaughter quoted on an F3 podcast that “if you haven’t done a workout in the pouring rain, you are

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