DaVinci is now a toddler

ByBucky Jan 13, 2018

2 year anniversary of daVinci attracted eager 33 Pax (convergence with Stonehenge). 18 months ago it was sometimes just 3-5 folks (may have been

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The Brave is Dead. Long live The Brave.

ByWildTurkey Jan 13, 2018

It's over, finito. It had a good run. Is so long for The Brave??? For most of my Qs, I pour over and come up with some wild route

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40 Minutes of Hell

ByRecalculating Jan 12, 2018

15 Men resisted the temptation for fried chicken at Waverly to endure "40 Minutes of Hell" on the mean courts of Cuthbertson Middle at Impromptu

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Breaking new ground

ByGumbo Jan 12, 2018

13 PAX at Devils Turn today for a relatively warm run compared to last week. Today’s route included the end of the Charlotte 10 miler route

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2018 BROlympics 2.bro

ByWildTurkey Jan 11, 2018 Outstanding Olympic Quotes “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awf


Millbridge Run #2: RouteFella

ByTuck Jan 11, 2018

6 men posted in balmy 45 degree temps in at 0515 in Millbridge (subdivision in Waxhaw) to get some miles in and continue to get to know this very

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Millbridge Run #1: Triple Creek Crossing

ByTuck Jan 11, 2018

6 men posted in sub-rational temps at the clubhouse in Millbridge (subdivision in Waxhaw) to get their first taste for what this great AO has to

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The Rebel Yella

Bytagalong Jan 11, 2018

The Rebel Yell was a battle cry used by Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Confederate soldiers used the yell during charges to

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It takes 8° mornings to make you appreciate 28° mornings…..

ByMadDog Jan 9, 2018

9 PAX posted at Watchtower on a beautiful, balmy, 28° morning.  Sometimes in life all you need is a little context to help you put things in pe

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ByArgonaut Jan 8, 2018

Pre-Run General accommodated YHC's abysmal pace for nearly 3 miles. If only the cold could truly be blamed. #christmasbooze #holidayonice W

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