Southern Discomfort Update: The Route, The Qs, The Details

ByIckey Shuffle Oct 12, 2017

We are closing in fast on the third annual Southern Discomfort which will launch at 7:00 am on Saturday, October 21st.  The details are about 90


Charlotte Marathon Relay: SPEED FOR NEED Style

ByAlf Oct 12, 2017

On Saturday November 11, SPEED FOR NEED and F3 Nation will be pushing the most riders ever in one day!  20 WW2 veterans (95-102yrs old) will be

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Rock & Roll at The Maul

ByThin Mint Oct 11, 2017

Was it humid again? Yes. 20 men showed up anyway to see what this week’s edition of The Maul had to offer. Thang Disclaimer, Mosey C

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Blow’in Up Bagpipe

ByFallout Oct 11, 2017

So after a friendly reminder from Bucky about my Q yesterday he was "looking forward to my workout". Come 5:30am no Bucky! Turns out he is still

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Pre-blast for LET THEM SOAR 5K / SpeedForNeed Event

ByMadison Oct 11, 2017

You've seen what kind of impact Speed for Need can have on both you and the community, so let's keep the momentum going.  Join the A51 PAX and T


Copperheads and a Steam Bath

ByPaper Jam Oct 10, 2017

Never a dull moment at Blakecovery as this week 5 PAX decided to go for a stroll through Providence County Club.  Bratwurst charted the course a

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PreBlast – Readying for Fall Events

ByBratwurst Oct 9, 2017

Swift will launch at 0515 tomorrow from the Vine Restaurant parking lot in Ballantyne corporate park.  What's up for the next 9 weeks are workou

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Legs legs and more legs at Blackhawk

ByErector Oct 7, 2017

We had 5 PAX and some  nice weather for a workout at Blackhawk today.  We started with a warm-up followed by some new exercises (for me anyway)

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Did you comb your hair??

ByMarket Timer Oct 3, 2017

5 burpees OYO SSH x 20 4 burpees OYO Imperial Walker x 15 3 burpees OYO Mountain Climbers x 15 2 burpees OYO Squats x 15 1 burpee OYO

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PreBlast – Speed Pyramid in a Circle

ByBratwurst Oct 3, 2017

PAX looking to break up a bland running routine and get in some speed need to join the Swift workout on Tuesday morning in Ballantyne at the Vine

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