Not much chatter, just a good quiet beatdown to start the week…

ByPoint Break Apr 27, 2020

Quiet morning in the Gloom today. Seven PAX + Three 2.0s (Hang 10? No? Too much?) hit the surf this morning to start off their weeks. Here’s

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SOB Qlette?

ByMighty Mite Apr 24, 2020

Who: The Pax of SOBland What: A virtual CSAUP featuring the most Qs of any F3 workout. When: Saturday April 25 at 630A until...? (It will

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Virtual non-tax day Maul

ByTaco Stand Apr 15, 2020

As the sun rose on a crisp spring morning, you could feel the relief of all of those who have yet to file the tax returns.  Except Madame Tussau

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Stormy Monday

BySoft Pretzel Apr 13, 2020

With trash in the streets (c'mon people) and lighting in the air, 12 PAX fired up their computers and their engines for the second ever meeting o

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It’s dark in the zoom room

ByMighty Mite Apr 13, 2020

YHC was awake well before my alarm due to the loud thunder, rain, and wind knocking over trash cans in the alley.  Turkey Leg was the only other

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SOB schedule (next few weeks)

ByBucky Apr 11, 2020

It's been truly inspiring & motivating to see how the Pax of SOB (w/A51 & Waxhaw) have engaged, in the past two weeks.  So much initiati

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True Blue

ByWildTurkey Apr 11, 2020

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this v Q. Extra special thanks to the boys in blue supporting Stonehenge. We appreciate the Red (so

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Bywingman Apr 7, 2020

21 Pax set an SOB Virtual Record this morning. Garage was warm but the breeze on the round-outs was fantastic. Great way to start your day! 2

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Where are those bird sounds coming from?

ByMighty Mite Apr 6, 2020

One of the few bright spots of these virtual workouts is the reduction of my commute to the AOs.  Now that all I have to do is wake up, make a v

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Garage Band Audition

ByTuck Apr 6, 2020

3 PAX rocked out at a new workout called Garage Band on a beautiful Monday morning.  What is Garage Band?  Will SOB's attend a Monday workout?