Break in the rain but the fields were plenty wet

ByCheese Curd Feb 5, 2021

A few weeks back when Orange Whip asked me to Q Kevlar, I was really excited as I haven't ventured out that in in a long time.  So like a good Q

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OG Day at Cerberus

ByGerber Feb 5, 2021

A few days ago Zinfandel called me because he was scared to Q Cerberus his parents were coming into town last night and needed a Q sub.  Cerberu

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The Body Shop has a side hustle: washboards

ByDasBoot Feb 5, 2021

8 PAX joined Chipotle in his side hustle selling washboards.  After a mosey and a little warm-up, the routine was Ab exercises x 100, run a lap,

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Half a Dirty Dozen

ByWarEagle Feb 5, 2021

5 PAX braved the elements to push themselves to get better.  But wait you say, the backblast title says half a dozen and that is 6.  Aye, more

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I’m meeting Murph at The Arsenal

ByBottlecap Feb 4, 2021

8 PAX crossed state lines for the warmth of the Palmetto state at The Arsenal WARMUP: Even though SC doesn't follow the rulz, the proper

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6 More Weeks of Winter @ BAGPIPE

Bytagalong Feb 3, 2021

15 PAX did not follow Punxsutawney Phil back into his hole and refused to be scared of their own shadow.   However, burpee box jumps in front o

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FOUR-ways and Flatulence

ByFredo Feb 1, 2021

About FOUR weeks ago I reached out to Chopper and asked if he would be open to co-Q #Firestarter and #The Maul.  If you know Chopper, then you k

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26° in Marvin is warmer than you might expect

ByDasBoot Feb 1, 2021

6 PAX came out to support Polly's AO while he's in recovery and Friday's 26 degrees was surprisingly more comfortable than Thursday's 33 in bitin

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Flagpole up

ByDasBoot Jan 29, 2021

6 PAX came out for some boating with at The Body Shop, accompanied by 4 MASHers. The rain did hold off while Ironsides led the PAX for a long-dis

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Better Wet then Never

ByTonyatine Jan 29, 2021

Better late then never. I kinda forget what was done, but know it was raining... Mosey through MC with Warmup at Turkey trot. Back to the c

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