Dad jokes continued STUD 3/43

ByKirby Feb 27, 2021

Shop Till U Drop STUD Well I am not going to make a long one on this backblast.  I was pleased to see a truck pull up and join us at the last

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What’s a FormGasm?

ByBottlecap Feb 26, 2021

4 5 6 PAX headed to Cerberus for a field trip.  YHC did some scouting yesterday of Waverly area and wanted to do some exploring of Rea Farms.

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Straight Kohl’s Cash Homie

ByDasBoot Feb 26, 2021

  Aside from some headwind, it was a fantastic morning for running. We started with 6 and picked up one along the way.  Garcia start

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Am I supposed to be counting?

Bymidriff Feb 24, 2021

About 30 reps into the burpee hill repeats, Rousey posed the question to his partner "Am I supposed to be counting?!?" and I nearly lost it in la

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Bagpipe Bridge Ices Before Road

Bymidriff Feb 23, 2021

2 cinder blocks and 7 PAX emerged from the fartsack to begin at 0530 sharp to kick off another day in Bagpipe Paradise. Two latecomers arrived on

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No Soft Surroundings

ByHops Feb 22, 2021

Red pill tasted pretty good this morning.  But full-disclosure: YHC likely would have eschewed that pill had I not been tapped by Teddy & Wi

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Three’s Company

ByVoodoo Feb 21, 2021

It was brisk out at Calvary Saturday morning. Hoover and I met up at 0600 for a 60-minute pre-run. Both of us had slacked off this week and neede

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Radio Delay

Bywingman Feb 19, 2021

7 SOB-ers looked out the window and said 'I'm in' for today's edition of The Brave. Mosey a bit 20 SSH 15 IM 10 Potato Pickers Run to th

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Haiku Blast

Bymidriff Feb 18, 2021

In the gloom we rise Squat, crawl, push on wet pavement Cold hands, feet, burning heart

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Killer B’s Caught in a Webb

ByChastain Feb 18, 2021

This is probably one of the dumber Qs I've had and that's saying something. The temperature was in the low 30s, the rain wasn't letting up, and I

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