South Charlotte

Success!!!!….or did he fake it???

BySugar Daddy Jan 7, 2021

Ever since I started F3, Ice9 has always encouraged me and pushed me to get better. I really have appreciated it. The guy is a workout beast and

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Namaste, 2020.

ByDasBoot Jan 7, 2021

9 men got better as One Star took out 2020 with a reflective and introspective Body Shop Q that challenged both the body and the mind.  He urged

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

ByDasBoot Jan 7, 2021

In an effort to literally one-up the 8 neighboring PAX at Meathead this fine morning, 9 PAX arrived about 200 yards away at Anvil, the nation's p

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The Least Exciting Thing to Happen Today

ByVoodoo Jan 7, 2021

8 pax posted in the cold morning air at Calvary this morning for the first episode of Meathead for 2021. This would be the second workout of the

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Pre-Festivus Blakovery

ByDasBoot Jan 6, 2021

There has been debated in the past of how to spell Blakovery. Since BBs are rarely, if ever, written YHC today declares that it is Blakovery. PAX

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Be Careful What you Wish For

ByC3P0 Jan 6, 2021

Another great night for working out with your 2.0 at The Appetizer.  We had a record number of 2.0s (and I can't remember all their names and kn

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NW: Hunter Oaks

ByPosse Jan 6, 2021

I don't much care about getting counted, but my fellow Pax do. Walking around Das Boot & C3PO's neighborhood of Hunter Oaks for an hour. T

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2021 Strong

ByLoafer Jan 6, 2021

F3 Chisseled |-1/6 /21 DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell Phone Check and Safety Reminder)  Done. Warm Up-

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Fight or flight

ByIce9 Jan 6, 2021

9 men at the inaugural launch of cowbell prepared themselves for fight or flight with hundreds of reps and sprints totaling 3 miles. The cowbe

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Morning Woods January 6, 2021

ByCarb Load Jan 6, 2021

We ran the Thread Trail. It was Muddy and we talked about stuff.

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