South Charlotte

The Last Shall be First…

ByScratch & Win Aug 6, 2019

10 pax gathered to ease themselves into the week. Read to the end to understand the BB title. Upon discovering a new face (not an FNG mind you)

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Not a “Copy”, But an “Original”!

Byxerox Aug 5, 2019

With the attempt to not give you guys the same old workout, I was looking to change things up a bit. My original plan was to break out the logs

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The Fat Man Runeth

ByDamascus Aug 5, 2019

It seemed a lot of guys figured they could ease into the week by attending a running workout led by a fat guy. But, if you know me, I like to e

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Sprucing up the Den

ByPosse Aug 4, 2019

At least 23 (probably more) Pax participated in a #CNAUI (Completely Necessary and Utterly Important) by heading to Waxhaw Elementary for some m

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Swift – Fall Race Prep

ByBunker Aug 4, 2019

Greetings gentlemen. For the next two months, Bunker & Gumbo will be your Swift Q's on the ever spinning merry go round of Swift captains.

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The worst Red Box movie selection ever

ByAlf Aug 4, 2019

10 men for Rock Zero this week. It was muggy, really muggy and it didn't take long to work up a sweat, or complaints. Fast half mile mosey o

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3-2-1 Converge

ByWolverine Aug 4, 2019

The Thang DiCC's given, 21 of us went for a mosey, stretch ... So, entire workout built around a Fartlek. 3 min easy run, 2 min medium

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From 10 to 65 years old: ALL men are welcome at F3 Outland

ByGypsy Aug 3, 2019

3rd F:If you all have ever read one of Horseheads backblast then you know he has the gift of gab with words to make you want to read it even if

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Did it Live Up to the Hype? TLDR: No

ByWedding Singer Aug 2, 2019

August is the month of no duplicate Q's, so I knew I had to make the most of my one chance to lead this month. This was also my first Impromptu

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The Up and Up

ByMermaid Aug 2, 2019

Hops and Margo were there when I arrived, as was Messi, Margo 2.0 (13). Hops had HC'd yesterday. Shovel flag was flying, thanks to Margo. Scabby

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