South Charlotte

Is Something Going On Next Weekend??

BySlim Fast Sep 1, 2017

That was the banter this morning as 18 Goats gathered for their final interval training ahead of the 2017 Blue Ridge Relay.  Many knew this coul

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This and That

ByPurple Haze Sep 1, 2017

Under the bright lights of the CCHS campus, 23 men gathered for #F3Centurion. After a disclaimer that hopefully satisfied the Nantan, off we went


Birthday Brave – BackBlast

ByFredo Sep 1, 2017

One week later I'm still hearing side chatter about the burpee suicide up and back...who new a bunch of runners hated burpees so much. Maybe it w

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Take It To The Bank – BB for 8/31/17 Hydra

ByRedRocks Sep 1, 2017

7 pax got their weekly Hydra fix.  Here's how it went under cloudy, slightly moist skies. The theme - 14.  Why 14?  14 is double of 7, 7 le

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The Drizzle fo Shizzle

ByBucky Aug 31, 2017

Drizzling rain was refreshing this morning. Before starting comments/questions of "will there be a lot of running" and "with the rain it looks li

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Smells like kitty litter

ByHigh Tide Aug 31, 2017

7 pax posted for the promised Simple & Sinister beatdown, to include the beloved Turkish Getups.  Despite not everyone seeing the promise, t

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Bananas the bull rider

ByWildTurkey Aug 31, 2017

Conditions - cool  and breezy Disclaimer - Check Warm-up Side straddle hops x 15 Imperial walkers x 15 Low, slow squats Bull riders (mount

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Thriving in the Mist

ByNomad Aug 30, 2017

Despite, the dark, the drizzle and NCDOT road closures, 13 PAX assembled at Thrive for a pre-BRR, leg-heavy workout and sweaty fellowship. The

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Late but not forgotten

ByHigh Tide Aug 30, 2017

It's been nearly four (4) weeks since the beatdown, and YHC could offer up any number of reasons (excuses) why a backblast hasn't been posted bef

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BRR Training

ByHigh Tide Aug 30, 2017

9 pax posted, little did they know, to give dry-runs of several post-BRR run cool-down mobility sequences.  Aaaand, they got a little mobility w