South Charlotte

Is 150 too many…?

ByRockwell Feb 5, 2020

The PAX: Bratwurst, One Star, Figi, Goodfella, Easy Button, Schneider, Lazy Boy, Gerber, Recalculating, Premature, Dana, Bottle Cap, Frack, Trans

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That Was My Favorite Bandana…

ByZinfandel Feb 5, 2020

We all seemed to start on a happy note but as we took the COT photo before even starting it's like some bad juju was in the air. We take off into

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Gigantor Becomes A Gazelle?

ByBoitano Feb 4, 2020

16 men took the ice in nearly 70 degree weather at Bushwood. DiCCS given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) with reminder to circle back for t

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60 Seconds Goes Quick When You’re Having Fun

ByThin Mint Feb 4, 2020

23(ish) men showed for this morning's installment of #F3Swift. Everyone thought they were getting off easy when we audibled away from AYG hill sp

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No, I mentioned the Bisque….

ByFoundation Feb 4, 2020

21 Pax came out to Watchtower including some of the pax who enjoy higher mileage (Gerber, Hollywood, and Dasher) so what will we do, provide a wo

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The People’s Balls

Bywingman Feb 4, 2020

Remember you are on Q. Read backblasts to find out what was done last week as to not repeat 30s warning given. YHC was distracted by the 5 cop


Feel the burn!

ByDeadwood Feb 3, 2020

12 pAx managed to keep the alcohol intake to a minimum during the Superbowl and joined me for some fun this morning. 5:00 I dropped off plates th

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3 Qs a flat tire and the lesson we can all learn

ByWildTurkey Feb 3, 2020

Hey y'all somethimes I Q a lot. With that, I'm behind on my BBs. So, like a good boy, I'm turning in my homework. Anvil Standard COT Starfis

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Day after the Super Bowl Beating

ByGoodfella Feb 3, 2020

The day after the Super Bowl still brought 10 Pax out for an Ignition workout.  Some of the “regulars” were not present, and we heard at lea

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Flash Forward

ByFuse Box Feb 3, 2020

12 guys pulled themselves out of bed after a late night of watching the Super Bowl.  Apparently two of them missed the start of ignition as they

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