South Charlotte

The Chicken prepping PAX for Rooster

ByChicken Little Mar 4, 2021

DICC- given and covered Warm up Fast paced mosey down past laundry mat and apartments to Vet Lot 20- SSH Jimmy Dungan Stretch into a

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Footlong VQ

ByWolverine Mar 4, 2021

Started with a light jog up Millbridge Parkway to the first roundabout. Quickly gave instructions on how Indian Runs would work: Stay in single

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8 Pax for 8 Years

Bywingman Mar 3, 2021

I put myself on the roster for the Q slot for 3/2/2021. Someone else updated it with pretty little icons. Thx Weinke written the night bef

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So we are only doing 6 Exercises???!! Yes.

ByZinfandel Mar 3, 2021

And for my 66th Q, I would go back to wear it all started. My first Q in 2018 and my 2nd in 2019 were there. While you never forget your first, m

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Who’s afraid of Mother Nature?

ByDeep Dish Mar 3, 2021

8 PAX showed up at Dromedary for a hump day post.  Weinke was prepared to utilize the multiple canopies at the Marvin campus and to stay somewha

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Express Fartleks and Sprints! 

ByDasher Mar 3, 2021

Gerber sent a text last night warning that Express could be very well attended with those looking to get ready for Rooster in a couple weeks. Hav

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Down range at the Grand Strand

ByChastain Mar 3, 2021

I figure if we can get credit for virtual workouts or the LRC then surely I can get credit for visiting our brothers down on the Grand Strand. 

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Tasty waves

ByDasBoot Mar 3, 2021

7 PAX took the Swift pill Tuesday morning for a challenging 30-minute set of 4:00 @ marathon pace / 2:00 @ 10k pace. The synchrony building has s

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How Low Can You Go?

ByZinfandel Mar 3, 2021

And for my 65th Q, I would continue to ask my kids to do more stuff. So far they are unsure how they feel about CC and IC, maybe time for Kids Q

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The bible says what?

ByTommy Rose Mar 2, 2021

6 PAX beat down the fartsack and posted on balmy 68 deg Monday morn for the latest episode of #boondocks, Porter Ridges #1 rated Monday AO.  YHC

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