South Charlotte

Easter in August!

ByHoneycomb Aug 16, 2019

7 Pax showed up for a very hot, late Easter basket themed workout. After our warm up routine we split into two teams. We had baskets spread ou

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Doesn’t everyone LOVE Donkey Kicks??? Especially at The Floater

ByDancing Bear Aug 15, 2019

Well it all started yesterday evening on my way home from work. I called Deadwood asking for some information. It kind of went like this. Deadwo

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Sparta – Preblast for 08-15

ByJello Aug 14, 2019

The Bermuda Triangle of Terror! Head to the Scout Hut Mcdowell St.      .1        &

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When what to my wondering eyes should appear…

Bysmokey Aug 14, 2019

It was like diving into a swimming pool. To say it was moist out there would be an understatement! So good to be back at the infamous Matrix o

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Counting is hard, so AMRAPs are easy?

ByChastain Aug 14, 2019

I've led the PAX on numerous bootcamp style workouts, but leading a gear workout was new territory for me. So when Fuse approached me about lead

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A little grass in my Gunga Galunga

ByBottlecap Aug 13, 2019

Tee times started at 5:30am and 11 golfers showed up, 9 of which adhered to the proper dress code (#CollaredAndSleeveless). The other 2 will be

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BySpackler Aug 13, 2019

15 (you know who you are) escaped the comfort of their cool and crisp homes for the warm, moist blanket known as Hawksnest. It was a special mo


Breathing Through a Straw at Watchtower

ByGoodfella Aug 13, 2019

Somehow, long ago (not sure when) I was put on the schedule to Q at Watchtower today. I think back to the days of Watchtower at Weddington HS (

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¡Pura Vida!

ByBig Tuna Aug 12, 2019

After a quick Disclaimer, we were off at 5:30AM sharp for a mosey towards the front of the school, enjoying some Hi-Knees along the way, to a CO

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That’s a Peach Hun…

ByOne Star Aug 12, 2019

It was a tepid early August morning. For the inaugural captains choice Bushwood invitational. 27 PAX.... converged on the very clean very pristi

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