South Charlotte

2 out of 3 is BAD

ByJetFuel Jul 14, 2017

After a Twitter firestorm yesterday, 14 PAX posted against their better judgement for this week's Hydra humidity beat down courtesy of YHC.  Bri


5000 Swings – Remembering Live Aid 1985

ByMAD Jul 13, 2017

10 men grinded it out in the heat and humidity this morning.  This is what they did to better themselves. A thorough disclaimer was given as


How about a little Murderhorn and some Rocks

ByFire Hazard Jul 13, 2017

24 or so men stepped into the Gloom to get a bit stronger and faster this sweaty a.m.   The thang.... 5:30 lets go. Circle up in fr



ByKirk Jul 12, 2017

Charlotte, NC - MetroCharlotte, NC - South DMZ 2 Comments Substi-Q When: 07/10/17 QIC: Kirk The PAX: Backdraft, Agony, Aquafresh, Lovebug,

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Simply Blessed

ByCheddar Jul 11, 2017

11 pax showed up thinking they would be running in circles. Well here we go… Warm up near the hotel parking lot COP SSH - 15 IC (In Ca

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Outland BB – Commissioning – The Count – Arkansas

ByMadison Jul 11, 2017

Commissioning – The Count - Arkansas 14 gathered to wish The Count well as he and family venture back to Arkansas to assist other family. 

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When the Q Rolls in Hot

ByRetread Jul 11, 2017

19 Pax made the Monday morning trek to South Charlotte MS for Basecamp and awaited the arrival of their sherpa, who rolled in hot at 05:29:30. T

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PTWGD – Post Traumatic Wet Grass Disorder

ByFoundation Jul 11, 2017

A 10 Pax came out to Watchtower this morning.  As part of a pre-workout reconnaissance to ensure we have access to stadium, we find that the gat

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PreBlast – Straights and curves, No corners

ByBratwurst Jul 10, 2017

The first PreBlast on the new site? Perhaps, and it won't be the last. Lesson learned from Q ing at McHorsey today. Area 51 reads the PreBlast in

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A Foxhole Fourth

ByArgonaut Jul 10, 2017

A perfect summer morning in south charlotte: 70, not too humid, bright moon. Solid conditions for a morning workout. YHC joined Wild Turkey for a

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