South Charlotte

Closing Out the Year

ByArgonaut Dec 22, 2017

Several pre-runners arrived at various times for the final Foxhole of the year. Fire Hazard, NardDog, Paw Patrol, Cobbler, Argonaut and 2 FNGs...

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A Heavy Metal Christmas

ByVoodoo Dec 21, 2017

'Tis the season for 12 days of Christmas-themed workouts in F3. Not to be left out, YHC came up with an original, not-to-be-confused-with-Skunkwo

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Off the cuff

BySpackler Dec 21, 2017

Nice and early BB today.  Yes I am golfing.  Bloody Mary's by 9.   Per the pre tweet - We ran 3+, we did merkins, we stayed off the

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Ciabatta be KIDDING Me: Holiday Jukebox Edition 3.0

ByTuck Dec 20, 2017

20 men exercised for 20 seconds, 64 times, at #F3Dromedary in the afterbirth of #MoneyTuck. Thang Ciabatta refers to Tabata, a form of hig

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12 Days of Swiftmas

ByBratwurst Dec 20, 2017

Despite having no recollection, during the workout, of the actual 12 Days of Christmas gifts that my true love gave to me, 19 PAX accomplished th

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Out at the bars

ByBucky Dec 20, 2017

Best line I heard was someone seeing Cable Guy and asking with some genuine question:  "are we at the bars - that's the only place I see you?!"


Trying to Seek Somewhat New Ground

ByRachel Dec 19, 2017

12 men posted despite the looming possibility of hills this morning. Most were glad they did. Some were probably not. The Thang Head down 5

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Some Cheddar melt on a cold Da Vinci morning

ByCheddar Dec 19, 2017

10 men tried to stay warm on a cold (high 20s) morning. 2 ran away fearing the verst and ran into the cold. Word is they(Tolkien+Tuck) sneaked in


Radar’s Oh Come All Ye Faithful

ByBottlecap Dec 19, 2017

POSTED ON BEHALF OF RADAR: So I started my VQ a little early to assess the AO and found it a little lacking with the track on holiday lockdown

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PreBlast – 12 Days of a Swift Christmas

ByBratwurst Dec 19, 2017

Google search "Christmas themed interval workout" and you basically get results for Bootcamp and High Intensity Interval workouts.  Nothing runn

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