South Charlotte

Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

ByFredo Sep 6, 2017

So back around July 4th, me Goonie and Strawberry posted at daVinci. It was pretty cool with only 3, we even got in 4 miles.  One thing I promis


Lights, Camera, Action!

ByMadison Sep 6, 2017

When I pulled in to Weddington High at 5:00, there was a local news crew on site.  I thought to myself, Posse really rolls out the red carpet fo

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Field day and the return of John Deere

ByBoerewors Sep 6, 2017

Cooler morning (although humidity is still too high) saw the return of John Deere to the Charge with cheers from the PAX. First part of the wo

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Reverse Emotional Headlock

ByMermaid Sep 6, 2017

VSF planted, good vibes flying.  Long-lost pax arriving alongside regulars for Anvil.  17 today, counting YHC.  Mediocre, yet sufficient discl


What’s in the box?

ByeHarmony Sep 5, 2017

13 men came to the Thrive gloom for YHC's VQ. It was a last chance to get a workout in before heading up to the BRR for some. For others it was a

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The Big House – Today’s Episode: Teaching Ourselves to Step Up and Lead…or…Costanza is 90% close to being renamed

ByDumpster Fire Sep 4, 2017

18 PAX who stayed in town for the Labor Day holiday got an extended Special Edition of The Big House, with 60 minutes of solid effort and anywher

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Is Something Going On Next Weekend??

BySlim Fast Sep 1, 2017

That was the banter this morning as 18 Goats gathered for their final interval training ahead of the 2017 Blue Ridge Relay.  Many knew this coul

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This and That

ByPurple Haze Sep 1, 2017

Under the bright lights of the CCHS campus, 23 men gathered for #F3Centurion. After a disclaimer that hopefully satisfied the Nantan, off we went


Birthday Brave – BackBlast

ByFredo Sep 1, 2017

One week later I'm still hearing side chatter about the burpee suicide up and back...who new a bunch of runners hated burpees so much. Maybe it w

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Take It To The Bank – BB for 8/31/17 Hydra

ByRedRocks Sep 1, 2017

7 pax got their weekly Hydra fix.  Here's how it went under cloudy, slightly moist skies. The theme - 14.  Why 14?  14 is double of 7, 7 le

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