South Charlotte

Back where I come from

ByChinMusic Nov 21, 2017

On a chilly Monday morning as we awaited take-off, Pele reminded me that Base Camp was where it all began for me as an F3er, and he was there to

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NASCAR is over, let’s carry on the tradition

ByBratwurst Nov 20, 2017

At 0515 on Tuesday morning, we have the opportunity to bring NASCAR to the great community of Ballantyne!  Dale Junior might be retired, and Bra

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Less Like Daytona, More like Watkins Glen

ByBratwurst Nov 20, 2017

17 PAX set out into the Ballantyne Corporate park on Tuesday, 11/14, for a looping course of medium-long interval running. The THANG: http:

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A Hero Among Us

ByPaper Jam Nov 20, 2017

Below freezing temperatures could not keep 6 PAX from showing up at the Blakeney fountains this morning for our regular 5 mile run. At 5:13 we cl

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Hoffa’s Automatic Burpee Penalty

ByBullwinkle Nov 18, 2017

YHC awoke this morning to a very needy and angry dog wanting to go outside and do his business.  That made YHC angry and looking to bring that e

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Miss Six O’Clock

ByWildTurkey Nov 18, 2017

No curves, just down and back. Actually, I ran it twice if you count the pre-run with Cul-de-Sac and Lex Luthor, plus Bratwurst and Frasier who w

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Too much mumble chatter

ByHuggieBear Nov 18, 2017

4 PAX showed up on a brisk November morning to do some work before Turkey day. OT and Joker asked a few legal questions, the disclaimer was give

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Flipper Leads a Gearless Workout?!?!?

ByFlipper Nov 18, 2017

YHC hadn't Q'ed in a a while, hell I haven't done much but run since before BRR.  #SoccerArms. I knew I wanted to Q in November, but today was a

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English Lesson at the Goat

BySlim Fast Nov 18, 2017

13 Goats gathered in the South Charlotte Middle School parking lot for another installment of #F3MountainGoat... and a bonus Literature lesson. 

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The Hips Don’t Lie

ByTweetsie Nov 18, 2017

On a cold, blustery morning, 7 PAX entered the warm and toasty scout hut to recover from the week's beatdown. Here's how it went down:  

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