South Charlotte

Horses do some running, right?

ByBoerewors Jan 25, 2018

A day late on the BB, no excuse... The Charge is still going strong, enjoying our underground status with shared Qs. With GAAP visiting we dec

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ByMoneyBall Jan 25, 2018

The Setup: A charter member of the #ballpit (in fact, the proprietor of the #BALLS meme that started it all) had a long awaited BIG day today. Af

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Moderate Boots on Today

ByGypsy Jan 25, 2018

I took a little saunter down into Union County to see what the boys at Conviction were up to and ended up Qing a “Moderate” beatdown, whateve

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The murk, murth and muck of merkins

ByDasBoot Jan 25, 2018

A challenge was issued: "It is easier for a dromedary camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a PAX to meet the Merkin Challenge in a


Anniversary Who?

ByGlass Joe Jan 24, 2018

It's Bullwinkle's Anniversary Q. It's been a year since he began to arrive at F3 workouts late, talk trash, skip reps and become literally half

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Top of the hill

ByThunderRoad Jan 24, 2018

Fourteen men got out of bed a bit earlier than most to make a difference in themselves.  We met up at South Charlotte Middle School.  Weather w

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Running on Empty

ByFault Line Jan 24, 2018

So the rains flew by in the night leaving wet streets, a few puddles and a decent temperature for running. My plans were simply to venture out a

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Bro speed 1

ByBratwurst Jan 24, 2018

Despite the rain that woke most overnight and the rain on the windshield on the way in, 12 PAX still figured it was time for some Brolympics leve

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King of the Hill

ByHorsehead Jan 23, 2018

From now on, the only woman I'm pimpin' is sweet lady propane. And I'm trickin' her out all over this town. Hank Hill   A dozen po

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Rain Fake

ByMermaid Jan 23, 2018

9 men joined YHC at the Vine lot.  Heisenberg joined us this morning from Cape Fear.  Glad to have him with us this morning.  Tagalong planted

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