South Charlotte

What I Did on Christmas Vacation

ByPosse Mar 2, 2020

What does it say about me that I can be on the back of a horse in the Poconos and think, "I bet I can make this into a workout"? Pre-Warm Up

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Efficient Swole Backblast

ByMighty Mite Mar 2, 2020

When YHC arrived on site, WT was jumping rope as usual. 6 pax eventually assembled at 0530 for a quick warmup. Windmill X 10, Arm Circles X

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A Fighting Force of Extraordinary Magnitude

ByRudy Mar 2, 2020

11 Pax made the decision to start off the workweek right by posting at 5:15am on a Monday.  DiCCS given, let's Mosey The Thang Mosey back

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Keep it moving Monday

ByGerber Mar 2, 2020

Mid 40’s, clear skies.  Couldn’t ask for a better start to March and 15 PAX apparently agreed. DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone,

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PreBlast- 2 Months of Mile

ByBratwurst Mar 2, 2020

Swift will engage in a March and April training program from the mastermind of Tiger Rag.  Due to planned vacation, Bratwurst will be handling d

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Leap Day? Oops!

ByBucky Mar 1, 2020

F3 does not just run itself.  It takes guys stepping up, raising their hand, taking on responsibility, and taking action.  Site Qs, Board, spec


The Rooster Waxhaw – Ultra

BySmithers Mar 1, 2020

So Foundation and I figured we would would run jog at a leisurely pace the 11 miles today at the Rooster because it lined up with some half marat

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Rooster III – Leap Day Edition – Waxhaw Express Recap

ByGerber Feb 29, 2020

What is a Rooster?  It’s basically a male chicken. However, today no chickens were harmed because this was THE Rooster.  A 5 (or two man)

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The Grass Is Calling

ByDamascus Feb 29, 2020

How could YHC pass up an opportunity to Q Homecoming and return to the scene of the crime.  Posse gave a pre-post disclaimer that this may be yo

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ByHorsehead Feb 29, 2020

People who experienced this: Geraldo, Levi, iHop, Glock, Boerewors, Mr. Magoo,  Alf, Runstopper, Wojo, Beaver, Ductwork, Elsa, Mailman, O Tan