A51 Region

Lizards & Pigeons & Anchors, Oh My!

ByMadison Oct 19, 2017

Gumby is one of those AOs that everyone seems to know exists but know very little about. The thing is, it's an AO that everyone needs. I found th

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Dirigibles fly high over the Peak

ByLois Oct 19, 2017

14 PAX made a wise decision to get up and airlift over to Peak 51 on a rather chilly morning in downtown Matthews. A fine disclaimer was given


Shake it off

BySpackler Oct 17, 2017

Um, Spackler is on Q at Skunk?  Wait, does he even do F3 anymore?  Is OT closed?  Is that refusnik even allowed to Q?  Is this a joke? 22,

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#Gladiator Monday at DMZ

ByMermaid Oct 16, 2017

Fairly certain One Eye asked YHC about 4 months ago to Q DMZ today.  Glad I checked the Q calendar because I completely forgot.  Had to wrestle

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Fight of the Century

ByPurple Haze Oct 14, 2017

17 men met at Calvary for the #F3RockZero fight of the century. We disclaimed, prayed for our brother The Shore and his family, and then launched


Tough Morning at A51

ByMermaid Oct 14, 2017

News of the death of The Shore's son, Nathan, had reached the pax this morning.  With heavy hearts we started the workout with a COT prayer for

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Mosey to the Track, then Sprint! A lot of Sprinting….

BySloppy Oct 12, 2017

Mosey to the track - Warm up 30x SSH 20x lbc’s 10x Squat Staddle Hops 20x imperial walkers Track sprints 1x 100% 10 burpees 2x 75% 1

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Southern Discomfort Update: The Route, The Qs, The Details

ByIckey Shuffle Oct 12, 2017

We are closing in fast on the third annual Southern Discomfort which will launch at 7:00 am on Saturday, October 21st.  The details are about 90


Charlotte Marathon Relay: SPEED FOR NEED Style

ByAlf Oct 12, 2017

On Saturday November 11, SPEED FOR NEED and F3 Nation will be pushing the most riders ever in one day!  20 WW2 veterans (95-102yrs old) will be

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