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Just trying to please the boys

ByHeader Jul 21, 2017

13 lucky men showed up this morning to see what was going on at Charlotte Christian.  Gummy was there to bring the entertainment. Pop quiz -

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It’s all about me

ByBunker Jul 21, 2017

The crew of Devil's Turn numbered 23 this week.  We were blessed by an overseas visitor and almost had to send out a search party for a Turkey.

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There Will Be Blood. And Merkins. And Merlot.

ByRetread Jul 21, 2017

24 Pax including one FNG  kicked off Thursday with a visit to Peak 51, one of South Charlotte's most popular AOs. The Thang Proper disclaimer

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Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge

ByAlf Jul 21, 2017

15 men posted to Kevlar. Orange Whip (site Q) was a bit nervous that YHC over extended himself on other Q's this week and wouldn't have the energ


Fredo’s Return and Pro’s Fine Form

ByMermaid Jul 21, 2017

Numbers are swole at Centurion.  More to come on that soon.  76 with 80% humidity.  Sweat started with the pre-workout mumblechatter.  A few



ByFire Hazard Jul 21, 2017

SPEEDFORNEED!!!! SOB/Area 51/ Union County men, the first SPEEDFORNEED event in South Charlotte kicks off on Saturday, September 30th.  SPEEDFO


Skunkworks – 600 Reps + Humidity

ByHarley Jul 19, 2017

The Thang: SSH x 20 IW x 15 Jog to touch the rock and come back 10 deadlifts – 10 swings – 10 overhead presses 8 deadlifts –

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Meat and Potatoes. Mostly Meat Though.

ByIckey Shuffle Jul 19, 2017

Due to the planned convergence with Death Valley, today's Anvil Weinke was designed to keep things simple since things can get out of hand quickl

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Visions of Donut Run

ByBushwood Jul 19, 2017

9 guys ran the route while 1 was snuggled in bed and here is what "happened": Fletch and Fraiser ran the Long John North Route. Fletch made a


Magnificent Seven stretch and mold mind and body

ByStone Cold Jul 19, 2017

YHC's VQ of Gumby...after almost 6 years of working out and lead-in F3 workouts, I have to admit this one made me the most nervous.  Not sure ex

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