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Breakdancing Broke Out At The Rock

ByGeraldo Mar 21, 2020

https://youtu.be/pmfEm0rHHhU As if what was about to come wouldn’t suffice, Hoover, Stone Cold and Cheese Curd came in hot from a pre-run.

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Fear is a liar

ByHops Mar 19, 2020

I didn't want the pax of Waxhaw to have all the fun in posting backblasts, so here's a backblast of a workout that looked and felt a lot like F3,

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Socially Distant

ByVoodoo Mar 17, 2020

Most of the Area 51/SOB pax apparently took Governor Cooper's advice and decided to keep their distance from Olympus on Saturday morning. Their l

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What’s on your list?

ByDuctwork Mar 13, 2020

Posted on behalf of the Social-Medialess Yeti Perfect gloom on Friday the 13th as 5 consistent and seasoned veterans Joust gathered for this w


What’s the Arabic translation for “spilling merlot”?

ByHops Mar 13, 2020

The pax mustered minus 3 pax who will not remain nameless due to their HC earlier in the week: Bulldog, Busch & Good Hands. Nonetheless, a


Somebody Count, Damn It

ByMermaid Mar 13, 2020

Bout Time ran in. Cheese Curd pre-ran about 3. The rest of us slackers drove in and put in a solid 45 of hard work. No handshakes, or fist bumps

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Keep doing things

ByBucky Mar 13, 2020

11 basically did warm up, burpees, and American Hammer...out! Okay, there was a little more than that. Obviously a lot going in the world r

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Road Trip

ByVoodoo Mar 11, 2020

7 pax showed up at South Charlotte Middle School to join the convergence for the retirement of Death Valley, one of the original Area 51 sites. W

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One Last Mosey

ByTiger-Rag Mar 11, 2020

Death Valley - Nov. 9, 2011* - March 11, 2020 Pax List:  Callaway (Original DV Site Q, R), Stage Coach (past DV Site Q), Smokey and Dollywood


The Last Drop of Lightning

ByTiger-Rag Mar 10, 2020

There's only so much lightning in every bottle and once it's gone, it's gone.   Tomorrow we pour out the last drop and put DV on the shelf.

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