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Sportsplex Heaven

ByOrange Whip Apr 1, 2021

Did you hear? Backblasts are required again. It feels like 2015 and it's great. Waxhaw isn't gonna know what hit them once A51 takes back our lan


What’s your is mine, what’s mine is mine …

ByHoover Apr 1, 2021

We all know how marriage works, right?  It's hers.  You own nothing, she owns everything.  "Oh, you spent this month's paycheck at GoRuck.com?

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Spackled Cologuard

ByPuddin Pop Mar 31, 2021

Nice morning with temps in the 60's for another installment of Anvil.  Good group of wiley vets, so, just gave the run of the mill disclaimer, a

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Glassy McGlasserson

ByOrange Whip Mar 31, 2021

Sup homies.   Wednesday morning came and went and 9 dudes came out to the gnarliest Wednesday workout that is only as bad as you want

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ByHorsehead Mar 31, 2021

Voodoo's BRR team said we had to write moar backblasts, so hear goez. Actually, I never stopped writing them.  I just haven't Q'd much lately

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Stick to the classics

ByHoover Mar 30, 2021

"They told me that the classics never go out of style, but ... they do, they do. Somehow, baby, I never thought that we do too." They said the

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Why can’t we just do the same thing every week?!

ByHops Mar 30, 2021

Hopper, Chopper & Runstopper - say it aloud.  It's fun to say.  They all posted today...pretty sure Chopper was LIFO, by the way. Great

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Better than a Burpee

ByVoodoo Mar 29, 2021

I came in on two wheels this morning (forgot to load the car last night) and found 5 pax ready to kick Monday in the teeth at Swole. After unload

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We usually start easy

ByVoodoo Mar 28, 2021

I returned from my 3 mile pre-run with Joker, who peeled out to go to SCMS to train for the next Beer Mile, and found Cottonmouth and High Tide u

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Flying Harbor Freight Grinder

ByFlipper Mar 27, 2021

I wish I was making this up, but I’m not… but more on that later.  YHC arrived at RZ a little early and while I was sitting in my truck I fe

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