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FAMRAP – Centurion Circuits – or something like that.

ByChampagne Dec 11, 2019

FAMRAP time again at Centurion - YHC thought of using an oldie but a goodie with a few tweaks for Centurion - thus you have Centurion Circuits.

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Light Day at RockZero

ByMarge Dec 7, 2019

Pax List: Boerewors, Hoover, Geraldo, Dig Dug, Baywatch, Sprockets, IHop, Slingshot, One Eye, O'Tannenbaum, Levi, Bounce, Spackler, Duct Work, M

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Rock Training Day

ByJello Dec 7, 2019

Disclaimer was given. Explanation was given that this would start like a running workout with a quick jog, dynamic stretching, and then leg stre

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Is someone buried here?

ByHops Dec 6, 2019

6 pax mustered on a milder than expected Friday. Floorslapper was LIFO, of course. Not long into the downpainment, Spackler took of his Titlei


It’s not too cold once you get used to it

ByVoodoo Dec 6, 2019

3 pax met up at Elizabeth Lane Elementary for an intimate episode of Meathead. 2 of us pre-ran individually. I got started late, so I only did 2

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Spack Classic

BySpackler Dec 5, 2019

For the record - this system sucks. It can't be that hard to fix or to go to something new, right? Start charging the new guys or somethin

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Beastly Five Knolls

ByUdder Nov 30, 2019

11 for a tour de Five Knolls Rd. Short COP in lot to await any last min pax. Everyone is present so let’s get this started. Mosey to five

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Pants or No Pants

ByBonhoeffer Nov 30, 2019

Lots of PAX wanted to fartsack at home and get fat with their families, but 3 PAX at #F3Outland came out to visit the new stadium. The Wa

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Caught a Striper and Tony Hawk at Base Camp

ByDoug Boone Nov 26, 2019

Warm-up: Ran to the track where we did 15 each of Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Low Slow Squat, and Mountain Climber. Followed with a on

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who likes ice cream, great – 10 burpees OYO

ByFletch Nov 26, 2019

9 were in the lot when the clock struck 5:30 so away we went towards the tennis pavilion. After witnessing a truck head into the lot we detoure

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