A51 Region

Change in the Format

ByCheese Curd May 15, 2020

Finally able to break my VQ Cherry with todays addition of Clyent Dinner.  During all my virtual workouts, I have done a bunch of variation on T

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5 Years, But It Felt Like the First Time

ByLorax May 14, 2020

The last Anvil workout was March 4, 2020, Point Break's VQ 40th birthday celebration.  The next week, March 11th we all converged at Death Valle

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0530. Area51 getting back on track. Fear not.

ByHops May 12, 2020

A lucky 13 mustered for the "re-opening" of Hawks Nest, albeit at a temporary location (Dunkin Donuts at Colony Place).  Floorslapper was early.


Dipping a Toe Into the F3 Waters

ByMermaid May 10, 2020

PAX: Geraldo, Hoover, Flipper, Horsehead, HH 2.o, Alf, Turkey Leg, Witch Doctor, Hops, McGee...you know if you were there Dredd, F3 co-founder

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Phase 1

ByHorsehead May 8, 2020

PAX: Orange Whip, EE, Puddin Pop, Cottontail, Geraldo, Stone Cold, Horsehead (QIC) 7 mangy Kashykkian moofmilkers busted out of the Phase 1


OYO – But Together

ByFlipper May 1, 2020

How do I start this one, how do I describe what we just experienced in what may go down as the longest April in any of our lives?  I guess I sta

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SOB Qlette?

ByMighty Mite Apr 24, 2020

Who: The Pax of SOBland What: A virtual CSAUP featuring the most Qs of any F3 workout. When: Saturday April 25 at 630A until...? (It will

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It’s dark in the zoom room

ByMighty Mite Apr 13, 2020

YHC was awake well before my alarm due to the loud thunder, rain, and wind knocking over trash cans in the alley.  Turkey Leg was the only other

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The 40 Year Old Virtual Virgin Q Birthday Preblast

ByLorax Apr 10, 2020

I guess it's time to pad the F3 resume and add virtual Q to my "skills".  I'll check back afterwards to see if anyone has offered any endorsemen

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A Tradition Like No Other

ByClover Apr 9, 2020

The swap that never happened; was going to switch with Hopper and take on Hydra today, but either a bat or a chemical lab had other plans. In

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