A51 Region

Pre-blast: Centurion/Brave Convergence

ByUdder Aug 1, 2017

The powers that be thought a convergence of two of SClt's most respected and prodigious AO's would yield a mighty birth of sculpted and high impa

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Pre-blast Donut Run- Reverse NoDo Route

ByGeraldo Aug 1, 2017

Bushwood is Down Range and apparently desperate for a Q so YHC has the lead this week.  We'll head to the North again, this time the Reverse Rou

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Lost Shoes, Lost Benny, Pop Tart had to poo.

ByRachel Aug 1, 2017

19 ish pax came for a very mild temperature run through a quasi new area of Raintree. Here is what was accomplished. Run down 51 into Raint

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A Carbon Copy Anniversary Beat Down

ByMadison Aug 1, 2017

July 31 marked 2 important dates - another trip around the sun and the 3 year anniversary for YHC.  I could think of  no better way to celebrat


Merkins and More

ByGood Hands Aug 1, 2017

23 pax showed up for the latest edition of Skunkworks, on what felt like a mid-fall morning. 1 FNG so full disclaimer given, then off we went: W

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Goats Love Donuts Too

ByRetread Jul 31, 2017

17 Pax gathered and galloped at this week's edition of Mountain Goat. After a couple of warm-up laps around the SCMS parking lot with butt kicker

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Bytoolbag Jul 31, 2017

9 men showed up to witness my VQ. We were all thrown off as we learned that the Pineville Fire Department had been condemned, and that we must fi

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Fun Facts

ByDeepDish Jul 29, 2017

Ten men showed up in the rain to experience Rock Zero 'light' with no weights, rocks, or medicine balls.  Properly disclaimed, off we went and h

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Personal Responsibility

ByYoung Love Jul 29, 2017

A small but strong group of wily veterans gathered in the CDS high school middle school parking lot for their daily dose of fitness. Given the ex

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Why Did the Chicken Cross Hwy 51?

Byno_show Jul 28, 2017

We opened with a disclaimer in the darkness of the CC parking lot. At 5:30 sharp  25 PAX jogged up to Olde Town Village Center. Warm-Up (wit