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The Return Of Black Diamond workout (Gladiator)

ByKid Rock Oct 15, 2019

The first rule of Gladiator is.... you don't talk about Gladiator! You've heard the rumors. Maybe you've caught a story once? You might discr

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Thank a Vet

ByGypsy Oct 15, 2019

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka 3rd F:  32 HIMs (18 Fast Twitch and 14 Hawks Nest) joined in a ball of man where the cool temps allowed f

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As smooth as…

ByDuctwork Oct 14, 2019

Even though most folks were recognizing a work break for Columbus Day, 8 men showed up and got better at The Matrix.YHC had not been to this

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2 Trips to Gloss’ Office and 45 minutes of AYG Lunges

ByHops Oct 14, 2019

8 pax mustered in the Monday morning gloom...though the darkest gloom in Area 51 was less pronounced as apparently CMS invested in some exterior

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Huge Chestes

ByPuddin Pop Oct 11, 2019

Twas a beautiful Fall morn, whereby 11 gents dismounted from their chariots to strap on the #F3Kevlar and get after it. I'd be remiss if I di

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ByCooter Oct 10, 2019

The Thang: SSH x 15, IW X 15, Hillbillies X 15. Run to the parking deck; Heels to Heaven x 24 decreasing by 2 at each level of the parking d

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The Summerlin Suicide Almost Lived Up To Its Name

ByHannibal Oct 10, 2019

The Thang: Warm-up (in place): SSH x20IW x20 Mosey to corner of Summerlin & Wessynton for warm-up part 2: Low slow squats x10Mou


SOB/A51 Holiday Karaoke Party

ByMighty Mite Oct 10, 2019

Who: Pax and Ms of SOB/A51. Other pax from surrounding regions are of course welcome. What: Annual Holiday Party. Dinner catered by Brown

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Squat Pyramid: The Girevik’s Cure for Standing Frog Butt

ByTiger-Rag Oct 10, 2019

The continuing saga of manly transformation from limp-bodied rag dolls to slabs of sinewy steel...Week 1, Day 2: The Squat Pyramid. Protoco


Welcome to the Jungle

BySprockets Oct 9, 2019

When YHC got the last minute invite yesterday to SubstiQ for an injured Leprechaun, I immediately jumped to action, assuming he’d hurt himself

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