South Charlotte

Nowhere to Hide

ByHollywood Aug 7, 2020

2 men wanted that extra 15 minutes of hard work today and joined YHC for a stroll around campus. DICCS Warm Up Mosey past HS around to bottom

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What…..No Running?!?!

ByEasy Button Aug 7, 2020

No Moseying…..DICC’s given and let’s begin. Warm up 20 x SSH 20 imperial walkers Various stretches for the “respects” Th

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Five O – “Don’t be last or you may get arrested”

ByChampagne Aug 7, 2020

Quick Disclaimer, more for YHC than anyone else due to lack of posting over last couple months. Quick mosey to campus and up to the top level



ByGerber Aug 7, 2020

How to Q Impromptu?  Numbers are always strong going into the weekend and would probably need to split.  Sounds like I would need to dig deep i

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VQ @ Clyent Dinner

ByDrive By Aug 7, 2020

Drive By "ME"  was the new chef in town cooking up a dinner for 14 PAX with two FNG’s Dinger and Suds. 16 in total.    Welcome Dinger and Su

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Floater Backblast

ByEasy Button Aug 7, 2020

For my 48th Q Sorry, that was the beginning of last BB that I had to ghost write.  I wont tell you who for though. Danger was in the air this mo

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Crazy Little Thing Called Merkins

ByPuddin Pop Aug 6, 2020

**Posted on behalf of Queen** 21 Pax gathered on a lovely, but humid morning to tackle the beast known as Hydra. I promised several that we woul

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The Run of Pain

ByGerber Aug 6, 2020

(Pre-Disclaimer:  Speed Bump's typing skills are developing so he wrote his back blast and I am typing it up for him.  Also, the workout was 10

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Another day another dollar

ByDasher Aug 5, 2020

DiCCS + proper social distancing   Warm-up Mosey around the school to the back entrance of the HS.  Planked while waiting for ever

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Swings, swings, and more swings

ByVoodoo Aug 5, 2020

9 pax showed up at Calvary at 0600 for another episode of everyone’s favorite Wednesday (gear) workout. Wild Turkey showed up early for jump ro

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