South Charlotte

And we’re the three best friends that anyone could have…..

ByTweetsie Dec 14, 2018

On an cold, rainy Friday morning, three pax decided to show up and give Mountain Goat a go. Here's what we did: We stretched. We ran to the S

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7 years of bootcamps, backblasts & brotherhood.

ByHops Dec 14, 2018

In a cold, driving rain storm - Margo planted the shovel flag....long may it wave at Centurion.  YHC got out of the car at 5:29:15...and was to


Parking Deck Day!

ByFrasier Dec 14, 2018

12 Brave souls came out for a rainy Brave day.  It was promised we would hit it hard from the jump so a few (Thin Mint, One Niner, Fire Haz

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Separate the Men from the Boys

ByRockwell Dec 14, 2018

The PAX: Gator Cub (R), Bread Bowl, Moneyball, Mad Dog, Bottle Cap, Dough Boy, Recalculating (R), Hooch, Rockwell. 9 PAX braved cooler temper

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A Simple Question Can Change Everything

ByPaper Jam Dec 14, 2018

9 PAX ran the PopTart route only 1 go lost and 1 decided to break the streak of not writing a backblast.  It was a typical Devil's Turn with


No news is not good news

ByLegalZoom Dec 14, 2018

Supposedly there have been 2 workouts the last couple of weeks, that I have not heard a word about... but I didn't attend... so can't complain t

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Triple Nickle x 2 + 4×4 is still 0.0

ByFletch Dec 13, 2018

PAX  HighTide, Bloomber, Voodoo, Bulldog, Fletch What we lacked in numbers, we more than made up for in grit.  5 Strong decided to

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An Actual Winter Gear Workout

ByHooch Dec 13, 2018

10 admirable PAX showed up at Five Stones with temperatures in the 20s. We all got to work fast feeling warmed up after shedding the cold rocks.

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The Hateful 8 – Smash & Dash Floater Bash

ByGeneral Dec 13, 2018

YHC appreciates the invite from Moneyball via a work email to Q the 87th best workout in the F3 lands. Bottlecap chimed in with some optimism th

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Frozen Bear

ByDeadwood Dec 13, 2018

24 Pax joined me for a very cold Dromedary workout.  The night before I had my Wenike all worked out  Goodfella made me second guess m

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