South Charlotte

A Maintenance Man and his Tools

ByChicken Little Aug 20, 2019

I must admit I have been very nervous and anxious at the same time in the coming days of my VQ. Ever since the day I was asked Told by Dancing B

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A Fun? Re-Run

ByLa-Z-Boy Aug 20, 2019

10 Pax braved the humid/somewhat rainy 71 degree morning gloom for my first "official" Bushwood Q (I had an unofficial Q a few weeks back... mor

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Farm Flash Backblast

Byolemacdonald Aug 20, 2019

When:08/19/2019QIC: Deadwood(Ignition) Ole MacDonald (Flash) DiCCS and picked partners (Gazelles and Clydesdales) The Warmup With

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ByJetFuel Aug 20, 2019

***News Flash***News Flash***News Flash***News Flash*** Oppressive humidity descends upon Area 51 like a wool blanket for the 1,000th day in

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PICK UP THE @&#%* 6

ByDeadwood Aug 20, 2019

For my 46th Q and 1st one of the month in the newly formed F3 Waxhaw, I had Ignition. I use to HATE ignition mainly because the first time I pos

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5 Dry Docks

ByWildTurkey Aug 19, 2019

Seven kept it pretty simple (not easy) at Asylum. Warm-up Circle15 Side Straddles15 Imperial Walker10 Steve Earls10 'Mericans15 Plank Jacks

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It’s Preseason

ByBillyGoat Aug 18, 2019

3 showed for the pre-run Swine Flu, War Eagle, and YHC. As we were getting back to launch up pulls a car asking if this was F3... we were joine

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Asphalt Jungle

ByHorsehead Aug 17, 2019

14 men and one 2.0 braved the 8 mighty lots of St. Mary Kays Cathedral today. One FNG survived and earned a new moniker with a side of PTSD. W

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The six (cough)…I mean…the Q is in

ByScratch & Win Aug 17, 2019

13 pax gathered at the three-headed monster AO for what would prove to be a balanced beatdown, focusing on the often neglected muscle groups - b

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Circle of Pain — Middle School Addition

BySprinkles Aug 16, 2019

27 Pax: Damascus, Foundation, Deflated, Dasher, Hooch, Credit Score, Dana, Zinfandel, Schindler, Easy Button, Doughboy, Chainsaw, Maddog, Downp

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