South Charlotte

You get a Rock!! You get a Rock!!Everyone gets a Rock!!

ByDancing Bear Feb 18, 2019

PAX-Wolverine, Rubbermaid (R), Chainsaw (R), Chicken Little, Gerber, Posse, Tupperware, Wedding Singer, Zinfandel, Showgirl, Snooky, Gator Cub (

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Basecamp 3-miler

ByBugeater Feb 18, 2019

Nine pax opted to start their week in the wet Basecamp gloom. Jog around lot (straggler sweep) IW, CDD, PP, Lunge x 15 plus disclaimer gi

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Legs are Tomorrow

ByDamascus Feb 18, 2019

5 PAX posted in what promised to be a wet, soggy morning, but as usual, the weather man was wrong and the rain stayed away. That did not stop t

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A Tale of Two Saturdays

ByThin Mint Feb 17, 2019

It was the land of affordable chicken, it was the place of overpriced bagels. It was the original home of the SOBs, it was new land utterly devoi


You Go, I Go

ByPurple Haze Feb 16, 2019

All of the 13 Pax gathered at Calvary for #RockZero expected to workout in the pouring rain. But the 100% chance posted on the weather apps yest

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DiCCS & Boats

ByPosse Feb 16, 2019

"Fortune favors the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur I had 3 workouts prepared for Outland today: What I actually scoped out last monthQ Sch

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ByRubbermaid Feb 16, 2019

14 Pax Joined Me This morning for a real wet workout today. Makin sure to double wrap my winkie and and have my DiCC'S out of the Queso and read

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Are you watching YouTube videos for weird exercises?

ByDasBoot Feb 15, 2019

16 PAX brought their VD memories and unknowingly joined YHC for his first Qventure outside of Dromedary. Few of them had any idea how much YHC

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Banjo Wine Co. is open for business!!

ByZinfandel Feb 15, 2019

Coming this summer for your sweaty pleasure is Banjo Wine Co's first release, a light & refreshing Zinfandel. Best enjoyed out of a mason jar

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Valentine’s Day Massacre at Peak

ByGeraldo Feb 15, 2019

10 PAX, including 1 site FNG (Poptart) decided to exchange Valenine’s Day cards at #F3Peak51 and here’s how it went down. The Thang:

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