South Charlotte


ByGoodfella Oct 17, 2019

In the World of F3, or at least in my own little World, we tend to default to our "Dolphin"-type/typical F3 workouts. It is only when the forec

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Another Brick in the Maul

ByDoughBoy Oct 16, 2019

Nie souls jointed me to throw some coupons around and find ways to wear out our upper body all in the hopes of a gun showdown with the other sit

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Playing the loop at Bushwood

ByDana Oct 16, 2019

Better late than never, and my apologies as yesterday was a busy day.  My time had come to be initiated into this fine upstanding establishment

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Is it wet?

BySpackler Oct 16, 2019

"Pssst. Hey babe is it raining"? "What? Leave me alone" "No seriously is it raining"? "It sounds like it" "Whew Ok good. I lo

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No Shortcuts for Singles or Doubles

ByBratwurst Oct 16, 2019

14, no 18, PAX took to the friendly confines of Ballantyne Corporate Park this morning for extending their running Strength for the weekly runni

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The Return Of Black Diamond workout (Gladiator)

ByKid Rock Oct 15, 2019

The first rule of Gladiator is.... you don't talk about Gladiator! You've heard the rumors. Maybe you've caught a story once? You might discr

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Tweet & Meat Mondays at Stonecrest

ByWildTurkey Oct 15, 2019

5 Iron men bashed 'bells and crushed concrete. After a cursory warm-up, we hit a three exercise circuit - squats, deadlift/high-pull and swing.

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Thank a Vet

ByGypsy Oct 15, 2019

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka 3rd F:  32 HIMs (18 Fast Twitch and 14 Hawks Nest) joined in a ball of man where the cool temps allowed f

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Preblast for Week 3 of MP-10

ByBratwurst Oct 15, 2019

Swift will be leaving the new Ballantyne Corp launch point at 0515 on Tuesday for Round 3 of Marathon Pace-minus-10 (MP-10). Here’s the pla

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Slow Burn

ByDeadwood Oct 15, 2019

Rolling into the lot today I see ignition Pax ready hanging out waiting to launch but they were Qless.! 5:16 still no Q so The pax were off. Abo

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