Skunk Works

Pre-blast for LET THEM SOAR 5K / SpeedForNeed Event

ByMadison Oct 11, 2017

You've seen what kind of impact Speed for Need can have on both you and the community, so let's keep the momentum going.  Join the A51 PAX and T


Return of the Swamp Things

ByTweetsie Oct 11, 2017

On a muggy Tuesday morning, 17 PAX made their way to Skunk Works for a beat down. Of course, I had to oblige: Disclaimer To the rock and ba

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Return to the Skunk

ByFletch Oct 3, 2017

Great morning to be back Q'ing Skunkworks for the first time in a while.  Seems like the new site Q's have been doing a great job while I was

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Skunked Circuits

ByHoover Sep 27, 2017

25 of Area 51's finest showed up for a skunked circuit session that involved swinging iron, good tunes, and a little running.  YHC got in early

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Swingin’ in the Rain

ByYeti Sep 12, 2017

Despite my unspoken hopes that the weather would prove too gross for a morning workout, we prevailed. And we're better for it! At least that's wh

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Quantity Over Quality

ByChinMusic Aug 29, 2017

The below was submitted by Tulip--- 20 men showed up by 0530 for a cool, wet morning. Disclaimer given and we began... Warm-Up S

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Sweatin’ and Swingin’

ByChinMusic Aug 15, 2017

18 men, including 1 FNG, came out to the August morning humidity that we've all grown to know and love.  It sure doesn't take long to get a t-sh

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At Skunk Works, circle breaks you

ByLois Aug 8, 2017

13 PAX assembled on a slightly damp, but sometimes breezy, morning for a weekly dose of metal-swinging fun at Skunk Works. A moderately okay d

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Merkins and More

ByGood Hands Aug 1, 2017

23 pax showed up for the latest edition of Skunkworks, on what felt like a mid-fall morning. 1 FNG so full disclaimer given, then off we went: W

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That sucked

ByLex Luthor Jul 25, 2017

Fourteen men made the choice to get after it this morning.  It was in the 80's with close to 100% humidity.  Said another way, it sucked being

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