Skunk Works

A Skunk of Many Stripes

ByTiger-Rag Nov 27, 2012

Twenty three #AnarchistSkunks pushed down old ladies, torched Peugeots, and fomented discontent.  Yet the Segway never came....   WARM UP


Cornucopia of Toys, Pax, and Pain

ByStone Cold Nov 20, 2012

28  (new SW record) strong eager faithful posted in the gloom on this fine morning to explore the latest edition of the Skunk Works. The Thang:


Poke The Skunk

ByTiger-Rag Nov 13, 2012

Twenty one Pax learned that sometimes you CAN poke the skunk.   WARMUP Little Baby Jog to covered breezeway SSH x 30 Sprint to wall an


It Tolls For Thee

ByTiger-Rag Nov 6, 2012

One shovel flag.  Twenty-two Pax. Forty five minutes. For whom does the Kettlebell toll? WARM UP Little Baby Jog to lower field for Joker War


Bag o’ Trick or Treats?

ByStone Cold Oct 30, 2012

As the shovel flag was planted, 21 Ghosts and Goblins emerged in the cold, windy morning gloom to try a little different twist to the always unco


“Was the Volume…Separate Knob.”

ByTiger-Rag Oct 23, 2012

Eighteen Pax issued forth intent to pick up heavy things and put them back down again.  The heaviest object rested comfortably in Renaldo's trun

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Dumb Bell Ciabatta

ByStone Cold Oct 16, 2012

18 of the Faithful joined up in the cool morning gloom to get this week's downPainment from the ever changing Skunk Works. Shovel Flag was plant

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Circuit City Confusion

ByStone Cold Oct 9, 2012

23 of the faithful , that's right 23!,  came out in the cold, drizzly morning air to plant the shovel flag and get this week's down Painment in

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Are you Spartaner than a 5th grader?

ByTiger-Rag Sep 25, 2012

Nineteen:  the average age of the Vietnam soldier.  Also, the number of Pax that posted for another Spartan / Mud Run prep session.   Wa

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The Blocks are Back!

ByStone Cold Sep 19, 2012

20 faithful brothers posted on a cool windy morning to trek out in the gloom, timing was great as we launched here came the rain....then as quick

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