Skunk Works

The Office Workout

ByFireman Ed Aug 2, 2016

13 men entered the gloom for an office workout beat down. A big office! Warm up: 25 X SHH 20 X IW 15 X Slow squat 10 X slow merkins Mosey with

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Skunkworks – Donations Strongly Encouraged

ByHarley Jul 26, 2016

16 gathered for some KBs, running and an F3 golf sponsorship shakedown. Warm Up - SSH - Imperial Walkers - Swings - Goblet Squats - Round the he

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You can close the road, but you can’t stop Skunkworks

ByFletch Jul 19, 2016

Despite a last minute change of starting location due to a road closure we started with a decent crowd of 15 – after the disclaimer we gained 5

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Skunkworks – Late and Short

ByHarley Jul 15, 2016

24 at Skunkworks. Backblast from Arena short and late. Demerits will be issued! Bring $ next week for golf sponsorship support. $1-$5 each or els

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Bells, Benches and Plenty of Heat

ByFletch Jul 5, 2016

I have drawn the 5th of July Q several times over the past few years and you really never know what kind of crowd will show up. This year, the h

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Doubles at Skunkworks

ByGood Hands Jun 28, 2016

22 Pax, including 2 FNG's, ignored the forecast for stormy weather and ventured out into the soup for another edition of Skunkworks. Here is what

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Tires and Kettle Bells make a great combo!

ByHeader Jun 21, 2016

Showed up @ 5am for the Pre run when one car crawled into the lot. Out popped an 18yrs old FNG who asked "is this F3?" I said "sure, let's go ru


Skunkworks – 20 Minutes of Silence

ByHarley Jun 15, 2016

Below is the better late than never Skunkworks post from Yeti. It should be noted that two guys left at some point during the workout. Tough to k

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3 Ring F3 Circus

ByFreedom Jun 7, 2016

The Greatest F3 on Earth! The three ring masters were Freedom for upper body, HorseHead for lower body and YoungLove for Core. While the chatter


Dirty Skunks

ByHorsehead May 31, 2016

17 for a dirty nasty one at the Skunk this AM. THANG: COP 20 SSH 10 swings 10 mountain climbers 20 swings 10 good mornings 30 swings 10 gob