Skunk Works

Oh NO.  Nope UNO!

Bysmokey Oct 20, 2020

I was so thankful for the thoughtful text from Stone Cold on Sunday evening reminding me of this Q on Tuesday!  My last Q was designed to Smoke

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Mt. Skunkworth

ByHorsehead Sep 8, 2020

Pax (from memory):  Smokey, Tulip, Stone Cold, Mountain Momma, Chin Music, Lois, Cage, Baracus, Funky Cold,  Boondock (2.0), Horsehead (Q) 1

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Tabata Twelve

ByBaracus Aug 25, 2020

Pax: Baracus, Cage, Chicken Wing, Chin Music, Funky Cold, Header, Lex Luther, Lois, Schmedium, Smokey, Stone Cold, Tulip We are nearing the en

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8 Skunks In the Morning

ByTulip Aug 18, 2020

8 Pax gathered for a slightly less muggy morning. After a slight wait for Baracus (something about an alarm clock) the disclaimer was issued and

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Skunks in a Circle

ByHorsehead Jul 21, 2020

10 at the Skunk   Funky Cold, Smokey, Header, Schmedium, Cage, Chicken Wing, Lois, Stone Cold, Boondock, Horsehead (QIC)  

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Put The Unk in Skunk

ByGeraldo Jul 1, 2020

9 PAX made their way to #F3Skunkworks for some KB work on a pretty muggy, yet clear day, of which there have been few. Here’s how it went.

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Skunkworks 03/24/2020, a backblast

ByHoover Mar 24, 2020

5 skunks gathered in a parking lot in south Charlotte at 0530.  Social distance was maintained, no disclaimer given.  YHC gave a few words of i

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Skunkworks: 03/24/020

ByHoover Mar 23, 2020

Men, YHC had the keys to Skunkworks tomorrow ... and you know the drill by now. Here is the planned workout for tomorrow.  This workout is

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Crowd Pleaser

ByGeraldo Feb 18, 2020

10 PAX made their way to #F3Skunkworks for some KB work and a bit of running. The Thang: The PAX was properly disclaimed and got ri

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Microwaved Pie

ByHorsehead Nov 26, 2019

Cage, Chin Music, Red Card, Stone Cold, Funky Cold, Crotch Rocket, Tackling Dummy, Arena, Tulip, Smokey, Lois, Header, Bulldog, Grits, Dollywood

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