Rock Zero

Who Named You?

ByMermaid May 6, 2017

11 PAX joined YHC to work off the cerveza, tacos, and tequila from Cinco de Mayo.  Actually, YHC had a few IPAs at Happy Hour and pizza with the


That Summertime Feeling…In April

ByRachel Apr 29, 2017

Twelve men gathered on this July...I mean April warm humid morning to put in some work. Here's what we did. The Thang Circle up at launch p


Gummy brings the Rolaids to RockZero

ByHops Apr 24, 2017

No SF planted as co-site Q Flipper was off in Cancun taking selfies of his pedicure and umbrella drink.  Several cars in the lot before YHC arri


Never try to look at another man’s weinke

ByVoodoo Mar 27, 2017

17 strong pax met up at Calvary Church Saturday morning for YHC's oft-rescheduled RockZero VQ. YHC was pleased with the turn out considering I wa

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Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.

ByGummy Mar 18, 2017

Thin Mint messaged a group of about 8 guys early in the week looking for a sub - a few guys pretended not to see it, a few claimed "injury", Hops

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Slam Balls & Burpees

ByFlipper Mar 4, 2017

As many a Charlottean is aware, often February will lull you into a false sense of spring before March swoops in and dashes your dreams of sundre

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OCR Training Circus Makes a Pit-Stop at Rock-Zero

ByJRR Tolkien Feb 25, 2017

WORKOUT SUMMARY Today marks the official start of Obstacle Course Racing Season with the Spartan Race Arizona Sprint underway (good luck Mario!

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Smoking Allowed at Rock Zero

BySlim Fast Feb 18, 2017

Men of Rock Zero... thanks for allowing me to lead this morning!  Truly an honor, and very enjoyable!  15 gathered in the shadow of The Northfa


RockZero – Today’s Episode: United We Stand…or…This Is The Most American Thing I’ve Ever Seen

ByDumpster Fire Feb 11, 2017

  Evidently 13 Patriots charged through South Charlotte with Old Glory held high at RockZero, one of the best AOs in the region.  Here's w

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Full Assault on Soccer Arms (aka Deconstructed Partner Murph)

ByHigh Tide Feb 5, 2017

RockZero is a big AO.  Yuge, really.  Maybe two miles around the perimeter.  How in the world was YHC to Q a workout on this AO when all the #

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