Rock Zero

Not enough time for what???

ByJetFuel Nov 5, 2017

11 PAX prepared their bodies for Daylight Savings Time by making the right choice and posting at Rock Zero.  Pleasantries were exchanged, an abb


18 wheels and a couple dozen merkins

ByProhibition Oct 28, 2017

8 (then 9, back to 8, then back to 9) men woke up to a crisp 50 degree morning and decided the kick the weekend off right with another edition of

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Fight of the Century

ByPurple Haze Oct 14, 2017

17 men met at Calvary for the #F3RockZero fight of the century. We disclaimed, prayed for our brother The Shore and his family, and then launched


4 Rounds. Simple.

ByDeepDish Oct 7, 2017

Fall is upon us and 10 Pax decided to feast on what YHC was serving.  With only 2 minutes to spare, YHC came in hot, disclaimed, handed Old Glor


Tabatas revenge at Ascent

BySony Oct 3, 2017

Preparing for a large crowd from RockZero, YHC geared up with a plan to test the entire nation, clydesdales and whatever you call those people wh

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Sausage fest was overrated

ByBoerewors Sep 23, 2017

Disclaimer was given properly since I saw some new faces, had to hold up for a minute to wait for Nemo who was struggling to find his way from hi

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The Classic Rock(s) at Rock Zero without actual rocks

ByHoover Sep 16, 2017

7 brave souls showed up as the first rays of light graced Calvary church parking lot.  Disclaimer was given, and promptly ignored.  Then we wer

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Light Does Not Equal Easy

ByGeraldo Aug 27, 2017

10 PAX made the right choice, for "Light" day at the one of the finest AOs in F3 Nation and to be clear, #LightDoesNotEqualEasy. COP: SSH

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Heavy Rock Zero

ByMermaid Aug 19, 2017

Hoover planted the shovel flag.  Rachel and Flipper pre-ran a 5K.  The Wall arrived on two wheels.  YHC was scrambling to find his wallet and


Hoover takes a light day …

ByHoover Aug 14, 2017

7 pax, 4 miles, and 100% humidity.  What's the worst that could happen?  Apparently a no mercy Q by YHC.  Here's how it we(n)t down. The sh

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