Rock Zero

“Unsavory” was an appropriate description

ByGoonie Jul 19, 2017

Intensity: the quality of being intense High intensity: a heightened level of being intense Well, shit.  Google dictionary was no help on

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Where Are They Now?

ByPurple Haze Jul 8, 2017

18 men showed up for a Saturday morning #F3RockZero beatdown. After a Mermaid approved disclaimer, here's the work we put in: The Thang Run

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Powdered (dough)Nuts

ByGummy Jun 24, 2017

14 men gathered in a church parking lot this morning, ready for the well-promoted relaunch of RockZero 2.0. Wait, Flipper isn't coming? Apparentl


PREBLAST: Rebirth of the Giant FKA TheRock

ByFlipper Jun 22, 2017

It began in the gloom, it will probably die there... and that's ok because all good things must end in time.  Today, however, is not that time!

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3 years in and feeling fine

ByFlipper Jun 17, 2017

As YHC rolled back into the AO after a quick pre-run and a full 5 minutes before official launch, a comment was made "surely all those cars canno

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At Least 3 Miles & No Burpees

ByThin Mint Jun 10, 2017

Went through some old BBs this week to get a feel for what YHC might want to bring to the crowd at RockZero. Found one by Site Q Boerwors who me

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Honoring the fallen at RockZero

ByProhibition May 27, 2017

36 men came together at RockZero to remember what Memorial Day is truly about: those men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms as Ameri


RockZero Memorial Day Weekend Convergence PreBlast

ByProhibition May 26, 2017

In what has become a tradition, on Saturday, May 27th we will honor the fallen heroes of the US Military with our Memorial Day Weekend convergenc

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Nostalgia at Rock Zero

ByAlf May 20, 2017

12 men posted for the now combined Saturday workout - Rock Zero.  (2 others were across the lot at High T and joined us for the first 5 minutes

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It’s not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don’t even exercise.

ByGummy May 13, 2017

I'm moving on from Chevy Chase quotes as backblast titles for a bit. I was inspired by The Princess Bride the other night, so we're going with th

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