Rock Zero

McAlpine Elementary School has gone down hill since we left

ByAlf Feb 10, 2018

11 Men posted at Rock Zero this morning braving a forecast that was guaranteed to be somewhere between perfectly dry and a monsoon.  But the 52

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Eff You Rachel

ByRachel Jan 27, 2018

12 men for today's version of Rock Zero. It was a beautiful morning and what better way to start a Saturday. The Thang After a concise disc

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BROlympians Take Over RockZero

ByThin Mint Jan 20, 2018

8 men gathered in the cool morning and launched promptly at 0700. One went down (but got back up) before 0701. Thang Mosey through the lo

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That may leave a mark

ByHigh Tide Jan 13, 2018

Final count, 15 pax chose to make RockZero their source of long weekend downPAINment.  Coming in hot, YHC made it in time to announce "30 second


RockZero resolutions

ByUdder Dec 31, 2017

YHC arrived a little early to spread the “love” around the Calvary campus. As I frolicked around the AO 15 of A51’s pax were assembled and

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Preblast: Your last post of 2017 – RockZero

ByUdder Dec 29, 2017

SCREW RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright PAX, is this your last or first chance to post "The ROCK-ZERO" and throw down on what may go down as

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No Kick-Lines To Be Found

ByFlipper Dec 23, 2017

In The Big Apple, every year Radio City Music Hall hosts a show called Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and what a spectacle it is.  With a spl

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It’s not going in our yard, Russ.

ByGummy Dec 2, 2017

My multi-channel marketing campaign (HDHH, texts, Twitter, etc.) clearly paid off as 22 men gathered in a church parking lot this morning. The qu


Ruck Zero

ByGeraldo Nov 25, 2017

13 Pax including a 2.0, lifted themselves from their tryptophan slumbers and made the right choice by posting to #RockZero for their DownPAINment

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Flipper Leads a Gearless Workout?!?!?

ByFlipper Nov 18, 2017

YHC hadn't Q'ed in a a while, hell I haven't done much but run since before BRR.  #SoccerArms. I knew I wanted to Q in November, but today was a

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