Rock Zero

Rock Zero Backblast

ByMermaid May 30, 2020

23 with an FNG this morning for Rock Zero. Saw Hoover and Flipper pre-running. May have been others. Disclaimer given and we took off. KB crew wa

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In Memorium

BySnowflake May 23, 2020

12 Faithful (6 Respects!) posted in the heavy gloom of RockZero to honor those who served, and take the Red Pill. It went something like this:

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Dipping a Toe Into the F3 Waters

ByMermaid May 10, 2020

PAX: Geraldo, Hoover, Flipper, Horsehead, HH 2.o, Alf, Turkey Leg, Witch Doctor, Hops, know if you were there Dredd, F3 co-founder

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ByAlf May 3, 2020

6 men booted up their computer in their garage or back porch this morning.  5 of them willingly took instruction from the 6th man in a 2"x3" win

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The 40 Year Old Virtual Virgin Q Birthday Preblast

ByLorax Apr 10, 2020

I guess it's time to pad the F3 resume and add virtual Q to my "skills".  I'll check back afterwards to see if anyone has offered any endorsemen

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Breakdancing Broke Out At The Rock

ByGeraldo Mar 21, 2020 As if what was about to come wouldn’t suffice, Hoover, Stone Cold and Cheese Curd came in hot from a pre-run.

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Wash those windows, they have filth muck on them.

ByGummy Mar 7, 2020

Trying to keep the Area 51, non-Waxhaw division, backblast streak alive. 15 of us gathered in a church parking lot this morning. Although outn

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ByHorsehead Feb 29, 2020

People who experienced this: Geraldo, Levi, iHop, Glock, Boerewors, Mr. Magoo,  Alf, Runstopper, Wojo, Beaver, Ductwork, Elsa, Mailman, O Tan


“I ain’t no gizzard”

ByHops Feb 22, 2020

This was a morning when the pax stayed in their cars until the very last minute, except Spackler who came flying in late...he likes the attention

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These go to 11!

ByHopper Feb 16, 2020

On the night of Valentine's Day, the banter began about the Area 51 Cold War era of The Rock vs. Day Zero (the combined entity which is now Rock

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