Directions written in Japanese would be easier to follow

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jun 19, 2020

At least Lorax thought the instructions for our main event were in Japanese.    He clearly doesn't pay attention for more than 5 seconds of ins


246 souls honored in silence

ByeHarmony Sep 13, 2019

This week we celebrated another unfortunate anniversary...9/11. I wanted to honor some of the victims in this horrible tragedy. I know it's a co

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Hurricane Flo – Fundraising AMRAP

ByBottlecap Sep 28, 2018

25 PAX gathered at Impromptu to help raise money for F3Carterico and their great cause to help their local community after Hurricane Flo.  Kudos

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Overdrive and the deck of dread.

ByeHarmony Feb 23, 2018

Everybody has had a rough start to a day at some point. I had one last night. I woke up at 0145 but in my not quite conscious state panicked and

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Merkins and Metal

ByPlayoffs Oct 7, 2017

Yep 8 Pax out for a equipment workout with a bit of metal.  (more…)

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AMRAP – Yuge Crowd, Bigly Performance

ByBottlecap Sep 29, 2017

Yet again at Impromptu a lot of new PAX (8) and old PAX (22 including a young-looking Recalculating in his newish "athletic fit" plaid shirt) to

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PREBLAST: AMRAP at Impromptu

ByBottlecap Sep 28, 2017

Come on out to Cuthbertson Middle at 0530 on Friday to measure your progress in the best AMRAP course in Northeast Waxhaw. What is AMRAP?  Th

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80’s-style Prison Yard beat down

ByBottlecap Sep 22, 2017

Posted on behalf of Recalculating: 26 old and new got out of bed this morning for a Prison Yard 80's style beat down.   Warm up - d

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The Working Man

ByHops Sep 15, 2017

19 pax mustered in the cheese-grater parking lot at Trinity Presbyterian Church for another late morning edition of #F3Fortress. YHC started w

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