Peak 51

I mean…. Brakeman’s opens at Six…..

ByTweetsie Nov 14, 2017

On a gloomy Thursday morning, 7 PAX stumbled through the cold and the rain to make their way to Peak 51. After fruitless attempts to sway the

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Laces Out Party featuring 2 miles with Mr. Jack Webb

ByBenny Oct 26, 2017

YHC woke up this morning wondering if the first fall cold spell would scare any of the pax away. However, 13 pax including 1 FNG made the smart d


Dirigibles fly high over the Peak

ByLois Oct 19, 2017

14 PAX made a wise decision to get up and airlift over to Peak 51 on a rather chilly morning in downtown Matthews. A fine disclaimer was given



ByHorsehead Oct 12, 2017

I've always wondered what it would be like to be an evil villain with minions, or perhaps just a few go-to henchmen.  Big ugly ones like Beastma


Around and Around We Go

ByFireman Ed Oct 2, 2017

15 men avoided the Fart Sac  and headed out into the gloom for a nice moderate workout! Warm up Mosey around the course while stopping doing

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Don’t poke the bear

ByLois Sep 21, 2017

Editor's note: Lois posting on behalf of Smokey. After Smokey nearly killed all of us at Skunkworks on Tuesday, I was trying to keep the Q in a g

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Gumby spotted at the Peak

BySwiss Miss Sep 14, 2017

YHC hadn’t planned for another soaking rain to fall last night, so with headlamp on, I went to explore the track – site of several planned ac

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Taper Schmaper

ByBooyah Sep 1, 2017

·         With BRR a week away, YHC planned a running heavy workout for the PAX.  I mainly wanted for everyone to keep their legs


Back to School Q

ByBenny Aug 25, 2017

16 strong pax made the right decision to post at Peak 51 today, after a solid disclaimer following mumbling from the pax we took off. Departed Ma

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Denomination Stations

ByTweetsie Aug 18, 2017

On another muggy morning deep in the heart of Matthews, 15 PAX gathered for another  beatdown. Disclaimer was given and and then we took off

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