Peak 51

Rain? What Rain Peak51 backblast

ByNomad Mar 1, 2018

Set Up In the days leading up today I often looked at the Weather app for Thursday morning and was greeted with predictions of rain.  Not 10%

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10 Pax, 2 Starfish and a Triple Nickel

ByRetread Feb 22, 2018

10 of the region's finest Pax gathered for another installment of Peak 51 on an unseasonably warm and humid February morning. After a quick but h

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In The Garden of Good and Evil… by I Ron Butterfly

BySlim Fast Feb 16, 2018

10 Pax arrived at Matthews Elementary to enjoy a Slim Fast edition of #F3Peak51.  With a preview of a visit to The Garden of Good and Evil, I'm

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No Casio?

ByFireman Ed Feb 13, 2018

As the Q stumbled into the parking lot with out his Casio. 10 men headed to the Gloom unsure of the time. Warm up: A brisk run through some

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The one-armed man did it

ByLois Feb 2, 2018

Lois posting on behalf of Dora ... well, actually, because of time constraints, anything related to the workout itself is Dora. The rest of it is

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No Frost Bite Promised, and Delivered

ByNomad Jan 18, 2018

Glass Joe, Shake-n-Bake and Nomad ensured their warmth with a pre-run.  At least SnB and Nomad had sense enough not to wear shorts!  The rest o

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Missed opportunities

ByLois Jan 12, 2018

Lois posting on behalf of Kilowatt, who had an excellent Q in the balmy environs of Matthews Elementary School ... Tclaps to Slim Fast and Twe


Brakeman’s Coffee & Supply

ByDrano Jan 4, 2018

6 PAX, posted on a frigid Thursday morning to partake in another addition of Peak 51. With the disclaimer understood, we were off… Warm up i

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4 or Less? Anyone? Anyone?

ByDaisy Dec 28, 2017

4 braved the freezing temperatures for this weeks edition of Peak 51.  As YHC left his warm apartment, he noticed the office fountain was frozen

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A LIGHT Christmas workout

ByCocktail Dec 21, 2017

Moleskin Started with a short run to center parking lot for morning warmups. 25 side straddle hop,imperial walker, and mountain climbers.

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