Peak 51

Seven’s at Peak51

ByGullah Jul 3, 2014

  20 Pax showed up at Peak51 to enjoy a nice, humid morning in the gloom and here's what went down: Disclaimer then a short jog over to


Let’s Keep Moving

ByGeraldo Jun 26, 2014

19 of Area 51's finest ignored their snooze buttons and answered the call for their downpainment at Peak 51. The Thang: Take a Lap around the A

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A Little of This, A Little of That…

BySlim Fast Jun 19, 2014

5 PAX had their priorities straight and shunned vacation, the heat, graduation, and whatever other excuses could be made to justify missing a mor

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When did it get so humid on the Peak??

BySlim Fast Jun 12, 2014

16 fine men assembled together this morning to pour buckets... and I mean BUCKETS of sweat while climbing Peak51!  YHC has been out of pocket fo

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How about some hills and a bit of Murph?

ByGeraldo Jun 5, 2014

13 of Area 51's finest, including 2 FNGs, ignored the fartsack and made their way to Peak 51. The Thang: COP SSH x 25 Merkins x 15 IW x 20

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Let’s Play 18

ByGeraldo May 29, 2014

23 (4 FNGs) of Area 51's finest joined in the pre-F3 Golf Classic activities and played the Peak 51 course. The Thang: COP SSH x18 Merkins 

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Zen Moments at the Peak

BySlim Fast May 22, 2014

    17 Pax including 2 FNG headed for the Peak after a stirring rendition of the disclaimer.  Many men called their wives and fami

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No Rain, No Problem

ByGeraldo May 15, 2014

12 Pax ignored the weather forecast and joined Peak 51 for some downpainment. The rain didn't start until after the workout and the only precipit

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That’s a Pretty Sunrise

BySlim Fast May 8, 2014

  Hard to call it the gloom on such a great morning, but 12 men including 1 FNG (Remington Steele, John Brosnan), trekked to Peak 51 for

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Peak 51 Launch

ByGeraldo May 1, 2014

19 of the Area 51 PAX ignored the warmth of their Snuggies and joined us for the moderately painful Peak 51 launch. The Thang: COP Side Stra