2 Legit 2 Quit

ByJetFuel Feb 27, 2018

In the immortal words of Harry Doyle, the fictitious play-by-play announcer for the Cleveland Indians in "Major League", "We got one god**mn hit?

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Ain’t Got Time to Nap…

ByJetFuel Mar 11, 2017

With Snowmageddon quickly approaching the greater Charlotte metro area, 8 brave PAX decided to clock in for some solid work before hitting their

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The “backblast”s backblast

BySony Feb 5, 2017

In a cool 20-something degree morning, the kettlebells came out to play at Ascent/Olympus/Soon-to-be-renamed AO... While the urge to get back in

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4.2 at Ascent/Olympus… What? A must read to the very end!!

ByDrano Jan 21, 2017

9 PAX posted on a foggy Saturday morning to partake in YHC's Ascent/Olympus VQ. I don’t think anybody expected what was to come. 4.2 miles and

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Three Amigos

ByHigh Tide Dec 31, 2016

Whether it was the cold weather, the ominous pre-tweet, or just general holiday #fartsacking, the parking lot was empty except for 3 OG's, ready

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Hey! If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one.

ByHops Dec 17, 2016

The shovel flag was planted by Pele.  Bless you brother.  Not sure why Strange Brew felt the need to include that flag with a maple leaf on it,

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Snow Mizer Was Here!!

BySlim Fast Dec 10, 2016

Ok... so it wasn't quite THAT bad... but man was it cold!  And those that know YHC know that cold ain't my favorite thing!  So the goal today w

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Leisurely stroll or a kick in the teeth? You decide.

ByHigh Tide Nov 21, 2016

6 gathered (including 1 FNG) on grounds of Olde Providence Elementary School for a customizable KB beatdown.  Wanna start off your weekend easy?


Last Minute Change

ByGullah Nov 14, 2016

8 men jumped out of bed to start their weekend off at Ascent/Olympus. It was a cool morning so we got right after to get warmed up: Disclaimer/C

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Cindy Bear Crawls with Mr. Webb at AscentOlympus

ByPele Nov 6, 2016

YHC pulled into OP this crisp fall morning to find 1 pax swinging KBs and 2 pax getting ready for their weekly dose of Ascent Olympus. 3 more pa

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