Nightmare on Elm

Speed Bumps

ByCheese Curd Apr 2, 2021

It was a bit on the chilly side as I rolled into the AO this AM.  Not sure when Wild Turkey sleeps, but he looked like he was catching up on his

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The Whole Enchilada recap: The Men Who Show Up

ByTaco Stand Mar 27, 2021

The Men Who Show Up When thinking through the idea of The Whole Enchilada, I was thinking a very surface level challenge - one that got me out

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Pre-blast: The Whole Enchilada – coming to an AO near you

ByTaco Stand Mar 13, 2021

Comfort Zone - how many times have we found ourselves trapped here? This was a question YHC found myself asking a few weeks ago.  Life for us

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Leg Day, My Leg Day

BySoft Pretzel Feb 25, 2021

YHC arrived at NOE this AM (ok I'll stop) with the plan of using the variety of hills to get in a good leg workout.  Many PAX had apparently got

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Haiku Blast

Bymidriff Feb 18, 2021

In the gloom we rise Squat, crawl, push on wet pavement Cold hands, feet, burning heart

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Half a Dirty Dozen

ByWarEagle Feb 5, 2021

5 PAX braved the elements to push themselves to get better.  But wait you say, the backblast title says half a dozen and that is 6.  Aye, more

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That’s Not My Problem!

ByCooter2 Jan 29, 2021

In the gloom War Eagle asked, "so whatcha' got planned for today's workout, Cooter?"  I went on to explain how I got talked into running in the

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A Romantic Nightmare

ByTuck Dec 10, 2020

9 PAX did Jack Webb variations around the perimeter of Stonecrest on a brisk morning at Nightmare on Elm. Of course this was not the original

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Just One Big Warm Up

ByWarEagle Dec 4, 2020

11 men gathered in the gloom for this week's edition of Nightmare on Elm led by YHC.  Pretty standard morning of 26 degree weather and everyone

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Quickly! Find shelter from the rain, nah!

ByFallout Nov 12, 2020

Warm-up: Mosey to Jersey Mikes parking lot 20 SSH IC 15 Low Slow Squat 15 Windmill 30 Moroccan Night Club The Thang: Mos

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