Adventures in Uptown

ByGlass Joe Apr 16, 2018

Been a while since we've been uptown. A few references to Hoffa along the way since neither he nor our sleeping buddy were present. The Thang

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Outland Convergence Announcement/Preblast

ByHair Band Apr 5, 2018

#F3Outland is converging to #F3TippingPoint Saturday. Pre-run at 6, main thang at 7 Get rid of Shake-n-Bake at 8 (also known as helping him

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Hoffa’s Automatic Burpee Penalty

ByBullwinkle Nov 18, 2017

YHC awoke this morning to a very needy and angry dog wanting to go outside and do his business.  That made YHC angry and looking to bring that e

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Hills Hills Hills and More Hills

ByBullwinkle Oct 21, 2017

I was supposed to Q this AO a month ago and instead was ailed with the fartsack.  Fast forward a month later and I almost forgot that I sign

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The 4th F

ByGlass Joe Sep 23, 2017

Bullwinkle was promising pain. 6:50 - No Q. 6:55 - No Q. 7:00 - No Q. I guess what Bullwinkle didn't promise was to post to his own Q. Oh we

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The 3 Rs

ByGlass Joe Aug 8, 2017

Let's keep this one simple. Hard enough to explain things without Hoffa getting angry. The Thang Begin with a run around the perimeter g


The Grind

ByGlass Joe Jul 24, 2017

Going to keep it simple.  Just a good, long obnoxious grind. Pre-Thang Double E, Hoffa, Shoeless Joe on scooters, Stacks on bike and YHC f

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Union County Convergence

ByDamascus Jun 3, 2017

Convergence (Noun) /kənˈvərjəns/ -  the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity   27 strong, brave men

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F3 Union County Q School Spring 2017

ByHair Band Apr 18, 2017

It is that time again... Q School time. Union County AOs have exploded with growth and with that it is time to do some leadership training. Som

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Famous Tonawanda Rail Merkins!

ByNekot Mar 14, 2017

5 Pax strong for an F3Monroe split beat down from Espresso and YHC. No FNG's but received encouragement from Glass Joe to keep reaching out. Gra

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