Bells, Beast, Mist, & one horrible listener!!

ByBrown Sep 25, 2014

11 seriously jacked freaks emerged in the misty gloom this A.M. to get their weekly dose of iron. No screwing around, we get after it. COP: &n

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Skint Knees and Pine Mulch

ByHigh Tide Sep 18, 2014

6 pax ignored the Twitter forecast for Meathead and posted for another KB beatdown.  They left with skint knees (skinned, for you northerners; i

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Area 51 9/11 Convergence – Never Forget

ByBugeater Sep 11, 2014

F3 brothers from Charlotte, Winston Salem and Raleigh were all represented among the 89 who joined in today's workout that went something like


Area 51 9/11 convergence preblast

ByBugeater Sep 9, 2014

  On September 11, 2001 you know where you were. You will never forget it. We are asked to never forget.  What we saw, how we felt, and

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Armor Building

ByBananas Sep 4, 2014

12 Real men showed up for YHC's first Q at South Charlotte's newest KB site "Meathead".  Aptly named by and for a group of real Meatheads.  Th


Heavy + Conditioning

ByTiger-Rag Aug 28, 2014

After hundreds, probably thousands, of miles of BRR training in the hills of Raintree and Piper Glen (including two common-law HOA memberships),


Pre-Blast: Heavy, Conditioning

ByTiger-Rag Aug 27, 2014

Chasing pencil-armed ectomorphs* through Raintree and Piper Glen the last few months has begun to putrefy this Meathead.  All my running parts h


Meathead Tabatas

ByHigh Tide Aug 22, 2014

12 pax gathered in the humidity for the 3rd installment of Meathead, giddy for what the next 45 minutes had in store, KB's by their sides.  With

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Meathead Cardio…Proving the Concept

ByThe Hoff Aug 14, 2014

9 Men seeking to find their Extra Gear came to Meatheads today and crushed it Kettle Bell and Gear Style in an effort to prove the